Remembering Comedian Bill Hicks’ Voice: It’s What The World Needs Now!

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America is in desperate need of voices like the late Bill Hicks.

Bill Hicks was an American stand-up comedian, social critic, satirist, and musician. He passed away in 1994 from Pancreatic cancer tragically at age 32.

His material and performances were dubbed highly controversial and often steeped in what some called ‘ dark comedy.’ Like many in the creative world, Bill had his demons and period of addiction. His act was a journey that allowed him to fully become the voice he was certain he had to be. Underneath was a one-man activist with a simple message. Sadly, just as he was peaking with full potential – cancer crossed his doorstep.

Although Hicks was very popular in the UK before his death, his real cult-like following came after. He has been compared to George Carlin and Lenny Bruce, and critical acclaim also followed his passing.

After appearing on ‘The David Letterman Show 11 times, his 12th performance was censored after the fact. It was the only occasion where a comedian’s entire routine was cut after taping to date.

Hick’s comedy would not be tolerated in today’s America. Cancel culture would have seen his demise at the early onset of his career. The one thing America needs most at present is comedians who can use satire to punch through the hard facts of our lives presently and pull us clear enough to look back at ourselves and solve the problems. Hick’s would have done that and more.

This short clip is relevant today, almost too close for comfort:

After his death, his closest friends and family produced a documentary about his life called: America: The Bill Hicks Story.  

Bill was a purpose-driven being, and his journey and message are as relevant today, if not more. Freedom – Love of Family, friends, and humanity- spirituality – and never a Sunshine Patriot – was his creed. I urge you to watch the documentary for an incredible sampling of his humor and vision. His life was inspirational.


Kevin Matthews, who at the time ,was a radio personality for WLUP radio Chicago sat down with Bill for this rare interview at a nightclub, take a listen:

By Kev Spirited and Bekah Lyons

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