Rep. Hank Johnson Files HR 5717 The Most Anti-Second Amendment Bill In Recent History

Colion Noir discusses Rep. Hank Johnson’s filing of his the Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020 or HR 5717, which is the most anti-Second Amendment bill filed in recent history.

Henry Calvin Johnson Jr. is the U.S. Representative for Georgia’s 4th congressional district, serving since 2007. He is a member of the Democratic Party. The district is based in DeKalb County, a largely suburban county east of Atlanta.

This is Hank Johnson:

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Hank Johnson is a U.S. Representative of Georgia. Hank Johnson and I both graduated from the same law school, however, Hank and I do not share the same positions on the Second Amendment. I am a two way advocate that works to protect the Second Amendment. Hank Johnson is a two way hater who is actively working to destroy the Second Amendment.

Hank Johnson has filed HR5717 Entitled Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020 in the U.S. House. As innocuous as the name sounds, calling this bill the Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act is like calling Hitler’s autobiography the beautiful struggle of a man who wants to save the world.

This bill reads literally like the destroy the Second Amendment Manifesto:

Universal background checks and a 7-Day waiting period. That’s basically a backdoor gun registration, check.

Banning the sale of firearms and ammunition to anyone under the age of 21, even though you can fight and die for your country, get married and are forced to pay taxes at age 18, check.

Ban nearly every semi-automatic rifle in the country chat ban standard capacity magazines, check.

Red flag laws that deprive you of the due process, check.

30% tax on guns and 50% tax on ammo, check.

Safe storage requirements that make being able to use your gun in self-defense situation so complicated that you might as well not have a gun, check.

Ban on suppressors that protect your hearing, check.

More gun free zones that make it easy for mass shooters to kill a bunch of people unopposed, another check.

Ban on buying more than one gun a month, another check.

These lunatics literally aggregated every major anti-second Amendment gun control law and put it in this bill. This is insane, but it gets worse. They want to make it illegal for anyone to not only buy a gun, but ammunition without a license from the government. Here’s how you know these people are anti Second Amendment. They want a national license to buy a gun, but when it comes to conceal carry they didn’t want your concealed carry license to work in other states. What’s even worse is what they require you to do to get the license. You have to be at least 21 years old, complete training in firearm safety that includes a written test to demonstrate knowledge of applicable firearm law, a hands-on that includes the firing test to demonstrate safety. Now, I can hear all of the fence sitters saying, well you know that doesn’t seem so bad. I actually think that’s a great idea. Oh really, now ask yourself this question. How the hell are you supposed to take a live firearm test in order to buy a gun if you don’t already have a gun? That’s the whole point of this bill. It’s not designed to take guns away your guns tomorrow. It’s designed to take away your guns in a generation.

If you don’t already have a gun you can’t buy one under this bill as it is currently written, and even if you could, let’s not forget the smorgasbord of other gun-control laws in this Mein Kampf bill eradicating the Second Amendment in one generation. They are using the chaos of the beer flu to push this thing through, and like I said before, as a Second Amendment advocate we do not get to rest because we’re trying to protect the castle and they’re constantly trying to tear it down, brick by brick. So make sure you reach out to Congress and let them know how you feel about this bill.