Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Rails About the Two Track Justice System in America

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Speaker, I’d like to address the two track justice system here in the United States. If you’re part of the Democrats sponsored, Democrats terrorist organizations, BLM and AntiFa you can burn down American cities for an entire year, get bailed out of jail, and face no investigation or commission from Congress. Meanwhile, if you’re a Trump supporter who happened to be at the Capitol on January 6th, you face exorbitant bail, solitary confinement, abusive jail guards, and no due process. This is an outrage!

Just today, just this week ago, Congress told all of the American citizens that Congress cares more about Congress than the American people. After all we have witnessed American cities all over our country be victims to violent riots by domestic terrorists all over this country. The people have endured this. Businesses have been destroyed. Violence has happened. Police officers, night after night, have been abused, have had to endure these violent riots, attacks, on and on. But yet this institution has been focused on itself and focused on investigating January 6 even though they’re many investigations already happening here, through the Senate and the house committees. There have already been over 445 people arrested from January 6. They’re also more than 100 to be arrested soon. There is justice happening for the riot here at the Capitol on January 6. Republicans and Democrats together are against the violence and the riot that happened here in the Capitol on January 6, but the problem lies with this, Republicans and Democrats are not together on the violence that’s happened to the people all over this country throughout the past year and that’s why Congress is only concerned with itself and not about the American people.

Rioters did a horrific and jaw-dropping amount of damage to cities across America. During 2020 there was up to 2 billion in damage due to the riots that swept the nation, the most expensive and insurance history. By the way, that’s not a 2 billion dollar bailout fund coming from the government. That’s not a taxpayer-funded check. That’s private money. That’s private money that insurance companies are having to pay because domestic terrorist rioted.

The damage done to Federal buildings has been incredibly costly. BLM rioters in Nashville set a Federal courthouse on fire. The destruction is estimated to have cost 1.2 million in damages. This is a federal courthouse. Why were those involved attacking and setting fire to the federal courthouse not called insurrectionist? It’s a question that needs to be asked. Rioters in Portland destroyed barriers and attempted to burn down government building causing 1.6 million in damage to the Federal courthouse downtown. See, why is this not called an insurrection? And again, why is Congress not concerned with creating a commission for this type of damage and the people that caused this attack? In Guilford County, North Carolina a court house was broken into and set on fire resulting in roughly $200,000 in damages. Again, it’s a courthouse, why is that not called an insurrection? And there’s not a government bailout and a commission in place to investigate these things.

Los Angeles, Oakland, Louisville in Dakota City also had damage to Federal buildings. These cities are not being named. Members of Congress are not demanding a commission to investigate the damage is happening to the Federal buildings in these cities. No one is being called insurrectionist for the damage that is done to these Federal buildings. As a matter of fact most of the time if you watch the news they’re called peaceful protesters. These are not peaceful protests. These are violent domestic acts of terror and this is exactly how they should be viewed, and this is how they should be handled. The looting, burning and destruction Across America has cost cities millions and millions of dollars. Riots caused an estimated 55 million in damages in Minneapolis alone. Minneapolis City officials estimate 700 buildings were damaged, burned or destroyed, including and one estimation 360 local businesses. But I have an article right here the contains a list of 1500 businesses that were damaged or destroyed. 1,500 businesses. By the way it’s these businesses and these business owners that pay the taxes that fund everything that we do here. These people should matter. Their businesses should matter. Why is there not a commission investigating this? Why doesn’t Congress care about these people and their businesses?

Rioters in Portland set up an autonomous zone and ultimately cost the city 2.3 million in damages. An autonomous zone? What is an autonomous zone, and how can people take over part of a city, an American city, and say that it is theirs and that they control it and that no government authority can come in and enforce the law, enforce law and order in this part of the city. But yet this is what happened with peaceful protests in Portland. They created an autonomous zone costing the taxpayers of Portland 2.3 million in damages. Again that was not a bailout fund, those are people’s actual dollars, private citizens dollars.

Riots in New York are estimated to have cost the city 115 million. One Friday night alone cost the city $100,000 and resulted in the arrested of 150 rioters. That was just in one night. The arrest of 150 rioters. It’s unbelievable. Riots in Salt Lake City cost at least 100,000 in damages, and damages riots in Wichita Kansas cost the police department nearly 1.5 million dollars in overtime, overtime because they had to work. They had to show up for another shift when they were exhausted from working the shift before. So they had to be paid overtime because they were overrun with rioters.

Riots in Denver cost the city at least 5.5 million in damages and overtime this is unbelievable when they’re antifa BLM rioters domestic terrorists causing so much violence in damage in a city that these cities and police departments are having to call they’re police officers back in after working their shifts there long hours now I’m sorry you can’t go home to your family I’m sorry you can’t go home and do things that you need to do and your regular life we need you to come in we need you to come back and work overtime because our city is overrun with violence but yet here the United States Congress the 117th Congress has no interest in launching a commission to investigate to stop these incredibly organized and well-funded organizations of Terror across the American city the country that is causing private citizens businesses insurance companies cities counties and States so much money that all comes from American citizens and taxpayers you know money is not created right here in Congress this is not a a facility this is not an institution that creates Revenue the only Revenue that Congress operates on is the American people’s tax dollars that they have to pay right here to the federal government Congress needs to learn to put the people first and not itself riots in Baltimore cost the city an estimated 26 million dollars again taxpayer dollars private citizens dollars riots in Kansas City resulted in 2.1 million and damages mostly over the course of just one weekend that’s some kind of party isn’t it we’re antifa and BLM terrorist can go out and just Riot and violence and rage and one weekend costing a city 2.1 million dollars rioters in Kenosha Wisconsin injured police officers set off fireworks near the police and courthouse and set at least two City trucks on fire all together the destruction caused the cities 50 million dollars does anyone understand what 50 million dollars is that’s an exorbitant amount of money and damages for people that were angry and think that it’s okay to Riot and Destroy other people’s property other people’s businesses and tear down a community there’s no excuse for that here we have California close down all of its states buildings in downtown areas saying staff should not report to work for any reason that sounds like some kind of third world country were you have California closing down all of its state buildings in downtown areas saying that your staff should not report to work for any reason why because it’s too dangerous for you but yet this Congress is so concerned with spending an unknown amount of money on a January 6th commission when there’s already multiple investigations underway there’s already been 445 arrest already made 100 more to take place but yet this Congress is not concerned about all of the violence in the organizations that caused all of this to the point where California has to say don’t come to work it’s dangerous it’s unreal this is Art this is our country the police officers who defend Americans paid a great price as well just like the capitol police officers here in the Capitol did the police officers all over the country in American cities it didn’t just happen to them on one day for part of the day it happened to them night after night day after day continuously and some cities for a short time weeks but in some cities months and months and it still continues The major cities Chiefs Association found that between May 25th and July 31st there were 8700 protests Nationwide 8700 how many was there on January 6th 1 nearly 600 of those protests were declared riots with violence and criminal acts and 2385 incidents were reported 600 of them were declared violent riots 2385 looting incidences again how many how many times has that here did that did that happen here at the capital will go with 1 right but this Congress is more interested in spending an unknown amount of money to investigate one riot here because this Congress seems to only care about itself and not the American people three-quarters of law enforcement agencies reported officers harmed during the protest 3/4 guys 3/4 of law enforcement agencies why don’t we hear about them over and over on the news does no one care about those police officers lives apparently not this Congress obviously doesn’t more than 620 for our sins were reported at least 97 police vehicles were burned that cost a lot of money again do you know whose money that is the taxpayer dollars they did nothing wrong to deserve these riots in their cities and the police officers that did a good job and do a good job everyday don’t deserve it either just because of the actions of a few bad apples the MCA a reported that over 2,000 law enforcement officers were injured in these 9 weeks alone this is why I introduced HR 2446 to award police all over the country who defended American cities they deserve medals they deserve medals because no one is acknowledging what they have gone through night after night day after day with what’s enn called peaceful protest I don’t think so meanwhile blmn antifa domestic terrorists are bailed out and supported by our now Vice President Kamala Harris George Floyd died on May 25th in Minneapolis Minnesota as you see here on June 1st we have been Senator Kamala Harris and then vice presidential candidate for the United States sharing tweeting between a link to the Minnesota Freedom fund encouraging people if you’re able ship in now shipping now spend some more money to the Minnesota Freedom fund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota but yet we know what was going on these were not protest these were violent riots I’m sorry you can’t stand in front of a city on fire and people fighting and say it’s a protest it’s a riot and it’s not peaceful in fact Kamala Harris and unfortunately my own colleague from Minneapolis ilhan Omar have shared links to the Minnesota Freedom fund with their millions of Twitter followers and you know what it raised a lot of money for the Minnesota Freedom Fund in August the Minnesota Freedom fund reported that it had raised 35 million dollars in donations yes when the can of the Democrat candidate for the vice president of the United States says donate to the Minnesota Freedom fund people donated when the congresswoman from Minneapolis Minnesota shared on her Twitter to millions of followers and said 8 down meaning follow suit donate guess what they raised 35 million dollars and guess what happened from that as a result of all the money raised by Senator then Senator Kamala Harris and then the Democrat Vice President End of the United States now our current vice president and current congresswoman from Minnesota Minneapolis Minneapolis Minnesota 184 domestic terrorist criminals that rioted 184 of them were bailed out from the Minnesota Freedom fund the criminals they helped bail out include a woman who shot at the SWAT team I want another woman who is accused of killing her own friend and a convicted rapist that’s just a few of the people that were bailed out with the money raised directly for the Minnesota Freedom fund by then Senator Kamala Harris and congresswoman ilhan Omar shared on their own Twitter pages can you imagine if a republican congresswoman or Congressman or Republican senator or a Republican president shared a bail bond link and said bail out the protesters from January 6th can you imagine the result of that it would be unreal there has been no lash back there has been no consequences there has been no action taken from this irresponsibility supporting domestic terrorists who were responsible for violent crime and costing the innocent American people an exorbitant amount of money stress ruining communities ruining people’s livelihoods and tearing apart our country no no accountability whatsoever the criminals these these Democrat lawmakers have also voted for defunding police departments across the country so well they also raised money for domestic terrorist committing crimes to be bailed out of jail at the same time they legislate and vote to defund police HR 1280 that they voted for him pass removed qualified immunity remove qualified immunity that means police officers can be sued if someone is upset with them for their actions on the job police officers don’t make a lot of money they can’t afford big attorney bills it will ruin them just because someone may get their feelings hurt because they got arrested HR 1280 also will allow police officers to be put on a list that means whether it is proven or unproven someone can accuse a police officer of doing some sort of wrong and their name and information gets put on a public list that the Department of Justice will manage on a website that’s open to anyone that wants to look it up founded or unfounded their actions no matter it’s true or not their name goes on this left and what they’re being accused of this is what these people voted for to do two police officers and remove a lot of their funding after the LAPD was defunded by 150 million dollars by the president here is said I applied Eric Garcetti for doing what he’s done as a result of the funding cut the LAPD dissolved its sexual assault unit defunding the LAPD where they have to get rid of the sexual assault unit that’s unbelievable that means women and children any victim of sexual assault I’m sorry there’s not a unit there anymore to help them because they’ve been defunded 12 as a result apply Eric Garcetti for doing what he’s done there has been a 73% spike in shootings in La 73% when you defund the police ladies and gentlemen there’s direct consequence that means crime goes up there’s also been a 200% higher murder rate the last year at the same time 200% if you don’t find law enforcement your funding criminals and clearly we can see We can see this is what some of these Democrat lawmakers have done they have clearly funded criminals and defunded the place back to Minneapolis and the riots there notice that this date 11 for 20 that’s not too long ago encouraging donations see there’s no excuse for that November 4th 2020 by that date we had seen plenty of violence and damage all over the streets there was no way to call those riots peaceful protest we know exactly what they are domestic acts of Terror congresswoman ilhan Omar’s District 700 buildings were damaged burned or destroyed who owns those buildings mostly private citizens 1500 businesses here’s the list here’s the list it’s reported from the Star Tribune Star Tribune for Minneapolis for the Twin Cities 1500 privately owned businesses heavily damaged do destroyed mostly completely destroyed see the problem of congress’s Congress does not get up early every single day go into its business and have to earn the money that keeps it going Congress does not have to work so hard lose sleep at night to figure out how to earn the money to keep the doors open to their business Congress does not have to lose sleep at night when things get rough like when the government shuts down the economy because of a Chinese virus and tells businesses that they cannot keep their doors open and sell their goods and services that they cannot earn a living you see Congress doesn’t understand how hard it is to figure out how to keep paying your employees when that happens to you and Congress doesn’t understand or seem to care about doing a commission for the people that pay the taxes to keep the lights on and this building the care about them and why they were violently attacked no Congress only cares about itself and why it was attacked on January 6th even though there’s multiple investigations going on even though there’s been 445 people arrested and 100 people were arrested and Justice should be served for those that committed violence here at the Capitol on January 6th the Congress doesn’t care about the American people that have suffered this entire year and it’s despicable the human cost of a year of riots and violence is 25 American lives lost that’s been estimated 25 Americans are dead as a direct result of BLM and antifa terrorism that swept iur Nation. This little girl her name is Sequoia Turner scoria Turner was killed at a Wendy’s in Atlanta because there were riots going on. Scoria Turner’s mother was pulling in the Wendys, turning around trying to go the right way when gunshots were fired that took Secoria Turner’s life. She’s 8 years old. This little girl was 8 years old and was murdered during a riot. There’s not a commission being launched in here for her life. There’s also not a commission being launched for the life of David Dorn, a great man, a retired police officer who was murdered during domestic terrorist BLM riots. Why does congress not care about David Dorn? Why does congress not care about Secoria Turner? Despite all of this damage there is no Despite all of this damage there is no investigation into domestic terrorism from Congress we have no commission launched to investigate the funding of the antifa there’s no investigation into the funding of BLM there is no commission set forward for the past year violent riot but all they care about is a commission for the one right here on January 6th the accused on January 6th have been they’ve been abused Behind Bars they’ve been denied due process rights they are still being held in jail Michael Sherwin and attorneys for DC brag that they had rounded up 400 people who participated in the breach of the Capitol on January 6th he said he wanted to charge as many people as possible what kind of justice system do we have is officials are eager to charge as many people as possible but they don’t care about antifa domestic terrorists and they don’t care about the people in those riots the by demonstration of taking investigators who typically work on cases involving drug trafficking child pronography and assign them to call him relatives and even ex-girlfriends of the January 6th accuse an attempt to find them guilty please put them back on drug trafficking and child pronography these apartments are being defunded anyways one person accused faces seven years in prison for walking through the open doors of the Capitol taking photos in the hallway and leaving without doing any harm even the mainstream media Outlets have reported on DC jail guards cruelly beating Trump supporters one man was beaten so badly he has a skull fracture and is now blind in one eye you don’t hardly hear anything about that on the news months after January 6 men and women are still being held in jail and they haven’t seen their day in Court Justice should be served for January 6th but this Congress needs to care about the people of the United States who have not seen Justice for the Riots of the past year this Congress is failing the American people not only are we a nation nearly in 30 trillion dollars in debt but we have a Congress that could care less about Law and Order and the United States I yield the remainder of my time 

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