Rethink – Big Tech, Mainstream, and Social Media Is Part of the Global Intelligence Surveillance State

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Indeed ‘ “The Bird Is Freed !”

But who is the bird in Musk’s tweet?

Is it the social media company whose logo is a blue bird? Or is it all of humanity around the globe who have been placed in the proverbial cage and now are released to communicate free of censorship, cancel culture, fact checks and filters?

Why does it feel like Musk’s aqusition of Twitter is a huge victory for the hometeam and a debilitating wound for the Great reset crowd?

Because in the moment – it is a decisive and strategic march against tyranny and a shift of power on the chess board.

Grasping what Twitter and additional social platforms really are is key to understanding why this visionary put on his warrior’s armor and took control of the largest, and most impactful among them.

The backbone of Twitter is the United States government and its intelligence agencies.

But no more…

  • Lee Smith makes an important point about the media being an arm of the intelligence agencies – see here.
  • Jack’s magic coffee shop deep dive – see here.
  • Musk overpaid for Twitter – see here and here.
  • GIFCT (global intelligence agencies) interface with social media giants – see here.
  • Press release social platforms working with the Five Eyes network – see here.
  • Twitter recruitment of FBI agents under Jack Dorsey’s tenure – see here.
  • CIA’s deal with Amazon/cloud hub – see here.
  • Project Veritas’s claim of whistleblower leaked a document that suggests “Misinformation” and “Disinformation” are “Election Crimes” – see here.
  • Leaked DHS documents reveal collusion between Twitter and Facebook to control information flow dictated by governement – see here.

By Bekah Lyons

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