Rev. Samuel Rodriguez – Immigration Reform

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Is everyone who is opposed to immigration reform a racists, absolutly not. Is everyone opposed to immigration reform someone committed to xenophobia and nativism, absolutly not. I believe the vast majority of Americans believe this: we want them to come here legally, period. We just don’t want them to come here illegally. We want them to respect the rule of law. We are a soverign nation and we have the right to protect our borders. We want them to come here legally. If they come here leagally, we have no problem at all. ~ Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

On the proposed immigration reform that would also include pathways to legal status for same sex partners:

“We believe both communities deserve their day, equal footing as it pertains to persenting their own personal narratives. I think it’s unfair for the gay and lesbian and transgender community to have their agenda morphed into immigration reform, that’s already so polarizing. I think it’s unfair for the immigrant community. It’s the confluence of two very difficult and polorizing issues and to join them is unfair. ~ Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

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