Robert Kiyosaki: It’s All A Smoke Screen

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That’s what I know and I was told don’t do that anymore because we’ll kill you. People started playing games and now the game is out of control. The world’s ever going to be the same. But he warned me that the wall and change and I don’t really understand it at the time. play Brian Rose just got yanked from the air because he bought something that was controversial on. That’s the freedom of speech but, so is being politically correct. PC is it you violate the First Amendment, freedom of speech. Another thing that’s been violated is the right to assembly. Social distancing and shutting down businesses is a violation of the First Amendment. So our rights are being ripped out of our hands right now and that disturbs me so when Brian Rose, a great guy, he got taken off because he criticized, you know, LinkedIn and Bill Gates and YouTube and all this stuff. So that’s what you got to be careful today, because freedom of speech is gone.

Some of the nasty threats I’ve gotten. ‘You better watch out!’ You know, because I criticize vaccine, and I studied vaccines. I kinda know what they do. The primary reasons by vaccines are so profitable is because when they brought him out cannot be sued, the drug big Pharma cannot be sued for any failure of a vaccine. So the vaccine kills 10 million people out the back seats of the back 10 million people, you know the drug company, ABC Pharma, ie Merck and those guys, they can’t be sued, and what they do is they produced the vaccine and then it gets a man like Trump or Obama to push it. That’s what I know and I was told ‘Don’t do that anymore because we’ll kill you?’ My friend, who was a doctor, says, ‘they will!’ So that’s what concerns me and I’m in for the freedom of speech and I agree that people can disagree. Everybody has their own opinion. But to threaten somebody with death and all that, that’s a little too far. People started playing games and now the game is out of control. This corona crises as I call it, you know, it’s a smokescreen for something that’s been going on for years.

The biggest crisis is the financial crisis and your generation, the millennials, have been screwed. I mean, big-time; I mean, if you understand how money is created . . . money is credit and debt. That’s all it is. Credit, debt and taxes. That’s what money really is, but they don’t teach you that in school. So today, the reason the world’s economy is crashing goes all the way back to ’71, but what happened in ’71, they could just make fake money and they can keep printing fake money. And this is a U.S. dollar the U.S. can keep printing fake money for a number of years yet. And the only way they could keep the economy expanding, they have to find people stupid enough to get into debt.

“My colleagues at the Federal Reserve and I are dedicated to serving the American people. Today we decided to lower interest rates.

I didn’t have this as a kid. It’s called ‘a credit card’. Now everybody has credit cards, but they never teach you how to use it. Why did they have a credit card? It’s because they needed more money. So they keep expanding the economy, they keep finding people stupid enough to just get into debt. To give them credit cards and all this and say give them auto loans. But I think the most dastardly thing for your generation was in 2009 when President Obama went to the banks and said look, ‘We need to get the students more into debt.’ under the guise of ‘You need to get a good education.’

I don’t know if you understand money, but there is only 4.5 trillion in base money, M1. There’s about 225 trillion in debt. That means it’s only 4.5 trillion for 225 trillion in debt. The machine’s going to stop soon. You know, I don’t know when, but it’s going stop. And when it comes to a stop, that’s when my gold, silver and Bitcoin will go through the roof.

So going back to 1971 this financial crisis it’s now showing up and it’s your generation that will inherit a pile of duck doo doo. And the people that will get hammered; I’m writing this paper right now; it’s taking me four months because it’s a tough paper; it’s called The Brave New World.’ And what this Corona crisis represents is we’re going into a Brave New World. As I said in ‘Prophecy,’ I said it will come in 2016, but I didn’t foresee it. I started “Prophecy‘ in 1999, but I didn’t foresee quantitative easing and zero interest rates. I didn’t foresee how desperate our leaders are, the Federal Reserve Bank, The Treasury, Wall Street, and even putting student’s in debt. I cannot believe how desperate people are. Everybody’s so desperate because this world starting in 1971 is so playing deeply in debt. The world’s never going to be the same.

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