“Starting on January 25, 2020, We will begin cracking through the Swamp media’s cover-up of TOP level Democrats selling their public office, resulting in multi-millions, in Ukraine and the conspired attempt with foreign officials to “destroy” the Trump candidacy.”
~ Rudy Giuliani Common Sense

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MURDERED On A LIVESTREAM By Looters | Rudy Giuliani and Ann Dorn | Ep. 69

Rudy Giuliani traveled to St. Louis, Missouri to sit down with Ann Dorn, wife of slain St. Louis police Capt. David Dorn. Ann describes in detail the events which lead up to her husband’s cold-blooded murder

19th Anniversary Of September 11, Rudy Giuliani’s Special Remembrance Message | Ep. 68

As we look back on the memories of that day 19 years ago, I hope we can all remember that this city and this country have endured the unimaginable and emerged unbroken — and that we can do it again.

TAMPERED EVIDENCE: McCloskey’s Walk Rudy Giuliani Through What Really Happened | Ep. 67

Rudy Giuliani sat down with Patricia and Mark McCloskey in their St. Louis home to discuss the latest revelations in their legal case, which includes evidence tampered with.

President Trump Must CLEAN HOUSE After Re-Election | Rep. Louie Gohmert and Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 66

Rudy Giuliani sits down with Congressman Louie Gohmert in Washington, D.C., to discuss Joe Biden, the mayhem in Democrat-run cities, and how President Trump must clean house after his re-election. This interview is a can’t miss!

Herschel Walker’s Take On Current Democrats And Racism | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 65

Rudy Giuliani and NFL Legend, Herschel Walker, sit down during 2020’s RNC week to discuss President Trump, current Democrats, and racism.

12 MILLION VIEWS, Meet A New Face Of Trump’s GOP, Kim Klacik | Ep. 64

Meet a new face of Donald Trump’s GOP who has taken America by storm, Kim Klacik!

Eric Trump and Rudy Giuliani, What Democrats Are Mistakenly Underestimating | Ep. 63

In this powerful interview, Eric Trump weighs in with Rudy Giuliani on what Democrats are mistakenly underestimating.

Doctors Question Whether Joe Biden Could Function As President | Rudy Giuliani Exclusive | Ep. 62

In an exclusive interview, Rudy Giuliani sits down with two doctors to examine Joe Biden’s cognitive state. What they reveal, from a medical standpoint, is information vital to protecting the proper functioning of our Republic.

Exposing Biggest DEMOCRAT FRAUD, Exploitation Of Urban Black’s | Rudy Giuliani & Larry Elder | Ep 61

Rudy Giuliani and Larry Elder expose the biggest DEMOCRAT FRAUD, the exploitation of urban black’s.

The BEST President Since Lincoln | Ep. 60, Part 2

In this episode of Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani sits down with the Former Mayor of Cincinnati Ken Blackwell, David Harris Jr., and Pastor Darrell Scott, to discuss President Donald J. Trump’s historic accomplishments for Black Americans.

BLM Wants To DESTROY Our Way Of Life | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 59 Part 1

Rudy Giuliani dissects the Black Live Matter movement with the help of three prominent Americans. In this series, he will reveal BLM’s intent to destroy the American way of life.

Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Organization | Darrell Scott and Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 58

Pastor Darrell Scott, in a compelling interview, reveals an organization that hates white people, family, God, and the police-BLM.

Exposing Black Lives Matter | David Harris Jr and Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 57

Rudy Giuliani and David Harris Jr sit down to discuss the agenda to destroy our American way of life.

Roger Stone and Rudy Giuliani, EXCLUSIVE Interview | Ep. 56, Part One

In this episode of Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani sits down with Roger Stone for an exclusive interview.

Inside President Trump’s Economic War Room | Peter Navarro and Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 55

In this episode of Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani sits down with Dr. Peter Navarro, Director of the National Trade Council at the White House, for an exclusive interview in the Secretary of War Suite to discuss the strategies behind President Donald J. Trump’s historical economic achievements!

Biden/Obama Sellout To Iran | John Solomon and Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 54

Desperate to land a nuclear deal with Iran, the Obama/Biden administration ignored Russia’s support for Iran’s nuclear program and gave Iran 1.7 Billion in cash in a leather bag. Rudy Giuliani weighs in on what looks like, yet another, money laundering scheme.

George Soros’ Clandestine Takeover Of DA Offices | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 53

In this episode of Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani lays out George Soros’ plan to alter our system of justice by investing millions in electing criminal friendly, incompetent District Attorneys. This has lead to major increases in crime and a substantial decrease in public confidence in government institutions.

Obama/Biden Block Investigations Into $5.3 Billion Missing | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 52

In this episode of Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani lays out how Ukraine revealed that 5.3 BILLION in foreign aid was unaccounted for. The Obama/Biden administration blocked any investigation. This episode is the tip of the iceberg, much more to come.

Jon Voight On Challenging Hollywood Cultural Tyranny | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 51

Rudy Giuliani sits down with Oscar-Winning Actor, Jon Voight, to discuss Hollywood’s cultural tyranny. Jon describes his political journey in a thoughtful, lucid, and at times emotional, interview. Upon completion of this episode, you will realize Jon is his own man. No ideology or person controls him.

Rudy Giuliani Interviews White House Chief of Staff to President Trump, Mark Meadows | Ep. 50

Rudy Giuliani sits down with the White House Chief of Staff to President Donald Trump, Mark Meadows, in the Secretary of War Suite for a 4th of July Special.

Doctor Has 99.3% Survival Rate for COVID-19 Patients Urges America To Continue Reopening | Ep. 49

Rudy Giuliani sits down with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD, Board Certified in Family Medicine, to discuss the protocol he used to achieve a 99.3% survival rate for his COVID19 patients. Dr. Zelenko urges America can continue to reopen and have maximum participation with the fallback of a very effective treatment regimen.

Inside the Autonomous Zone “CHAZ” | Benny Johnson And Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 48

In this episode of Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani sits down with Benny Johnson to discuss the rampant criminality that went on within the ZONE. Burning, looting, physical attacks on innocent people, extortion, beatings of those with opposing viewpoints, and first-degree murder. This outrage is happening not just in “CHAZ”, but throughout the country in cities run by Liberal Democrats. This is the future if you vote Democrat this year!

Debates In Biden’s Basement A Possibility | Corey Lewandowski And Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 47

The architect of Trump’s historic victory in 2016, Corey Lewandowski, outlines how President Trump can do it again this November.

President Trump’s October SURPRISE, Interview with Brad Parscale | Ep. 46

Many people believe Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 based on emphasizing the correct swing states. They are correct and in this episode, you will find out the reason why.

Democrat Party Falls Off the LEFT Cliff: Dave Rubin and Rudy Giuliani Left Behind | Ep. 45

In today’s episode of Common Sense, Dave Rubin and I sit down to discuss a common experience of being left behind by a party that grew so radical, we woke up one morning and realized it no longer represented our beliefs. That party is the Democrat Party. Over time, separately, we both came to find the Republican Party better expressed our viewpoints. This provocative discussion is a do not miss!

From John Gotti to Recent Riots: The Guardian Angel | Ep. 44

New York City original Curtis Sliwa, takes us from the founding of the Guardian Angels to his dramatic escape from one of John Gotti’s hitmen after being shot fives time at point-blank range. Curtis compares Al Sharpton and Sonny Carson, who incited the Crown Heights riot in 1991, to the recent riots in Democrat-Progressive cities across America. In addition, Curtis lucidly explains the genesis of the current riots, the role of ANTIFA, local gangs, and the focus point of new rioters.

Police Brutality: A Presentation of the Facts | Ep. 43

Today’s episode of Common Sense provides a presentation of the dramatic facts being deliberately covered up by Antifa, the mainstream media, and many Democrats so that they can justify their war on law enforcement. This episode exposes it all.

First The Pandemic, Now Looting – How American Businesses Are Responding | Ep. 42

In today’s episode of Common Sense, we sit down with the Founder of Papa John’s Pizza, John Schnatter. We discuss how American businesses are picking up the pieces after the damage done by the prolonged shutdown, and now, the violent rioting.

What American Education Needs, Jerry Falwell Jr. | Ep. 41

In episode 41 of Common Sense, we sit down with the President of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr., to assess what American education needs! In times such as these, the education of our next generation is paramount for America’s future prosperity and liberty.

BENGHAZI EXPOSED, Interview with Mark Geist | Ep. 40

In episode 40 of Common Sense, we sit down with Mark Geist, a United States Marine credited with saving 25 people in the attack on Benghazi. In this interview, Mark provides an accurate account of what really happened in Benghazi.

Disturbing Revelations of Sex Trafficking, Interview with Jaco Booyens | Ep. 39

In today’s episode of Common Sense, we sit down with Jaco Booyens, the CEO of After Eden Pictures and the founder of SHAREtogether, to discuss the global crisis of Sex Trafficking.

The Attempt to Destroy George Papadopoulos #OBAMAgate | Part 2 | Ep. 38

In episode 38 of Common Sense, we sit down with Former Policy Advisor to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, George Papadopoulos, for part 2 in which he outlines the events that took place in the attempt to frame him. #Obamagate

Critical Analysis of COVID-19 Response ‘the goalpost keeps moving’ | Ep. 37

In episode 37 of Common Sense, we sit down with Dr. Steven Greer who provides a valuable perspective in analyzing our COVID-19 response. As Doctor Greer states in today’s episode, “the goalpost keeps moving.”

A Rogue Counter-Intelligence Trap, Part of OBAMAgate | Ep. 36 with George Papadopoulos

In episode 36 of Common Sense, we analyze the rogue counter-intelligence trap, part of Obamagate, with Former Policy Advisor to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, George Papadopoulos!

How Italy is reopening after Coronavirus Shutdown

Today we are joined by Andrea Ruggieri, Member of Italian Chamber of Deputies, from Rome, Italy! Andrea breakdowns how Italy is beginning to reopen after coronavirus shutdowns and the mistakes Italy made that America can learn from. This episode provides a very illuminating discussion on just how universal this pandemic has been.

Anatomy of General Flynn’s FRAME-UP with Andrew McCarthy

In this episode of Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense, we are joined by Former Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Andrew McCarthy, to discuss the anatomy of General Michael Flynn’s frame-up!

COMMUNIST CHINA COMPLICIT? ‘We have to assume the worst-case’

Foreign Affairs Expert and Asia Analyst, Gordon Chang, joins us today on Common Sense to breakdown the role Communist China plays in the coronavirus pandemic! Then, United States Air Force Veteran and Congressional Candidate for Florida’s 13th District, Anna Paulina Luna, joins us later in the show to discuss her critical race in the state of Florida.

Joe Biden’s relationship with China, ‘they make the Clintons look like cheapos’

Today on Common Sense, we sit down with two of the best lawyers in America, Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing, to discuss Joe Biden and his lifetime career of selling his public office. Every time Joe became “point man”, the Biden family made millions, and America got sold out. As Joe diGenova says in today’s episode, “they make the Clintons look like cheapos.” Then, K. T. McFarland, Deputy National Security Advisor, joins us to discuss what went wrong with our relationship with China.

2020 Campaign Strategy with David Bossie and Congressman Peter King

Today on Common Sense, we sit down with the Deputy Campaign Manager to President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, David Bossie, and Congressman Peter King, to discuss the new 2020 campaign strategy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We also dive into Joe Biden’s lifetime career of selling his public office, to include, his business dealings in China.

Democrats POLITICIZATION of Virus & COVID-19 CURE | Special Guests Patrick Soon-Shiong & Jenna Ellis

We are joined by two esteemed individuals in this episode of Common Sense. Surgeon, Inventor, and Billionaire Businessman, Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong joins us to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine he is currently growing and Senior Legal Adviser to Team Trump and Attorney to President Trump, Jenna Ellis, joins us to talk about the Democrats’ politicization of the coronavirus!

Congressman Dan Crenshaw and Dr. Gina Loudon Weigh in on W.H.O and the 2020 Trump Campaign

Congressman Dan Crenshaw and Dr. Gina Loudon join us today on Common Sense for a very enlightening episode! We discuss the likeliness of the World Health Organization being complicit with China and the 2020 Trump Campaign. This episode provides valuable information, on both subjects, from two distinguished American patriots.


Time is of the essence to find a cure for COVID-19! On Common Sense, we are interviewing the American heroes fighting this battle on the front line: our first responders! Today, we speak to two distinguished individuals who have spent their careers researching Infectious Diseases or RNA viruses. Dr. Nicole M Bouvier, Certified Infectious Disease Physician, and Dr. Peter Palese, Chair of Microbiology at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Race For The Cure: Doctors Weigh In On Blood Plasma Therapy To Treat COVID-19 Patients

A profound and insightful interview with Zack Irani, CEO of Biomerica and Dr. Jane Emerson, Professor of Clinical Pathology at Keck Medical Center, on blood plasma therapy to treat COVID-19 patients.

Director of the US National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow: Economic OFFENSIVE Against COVID-19

It is our great honor to have Director of the United States National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow on Common Sense to discuss America’s economic offensive against COVID-19! Larry is working at the core of this national crisis to guide, shape, and protect our economy alongside President Trump! This interview provides invaluable insight into the current state of our economy and how America is going to come out of this stronger.

COVID-19 Patient Praises President Trump and Hydroxychloroquine Treatment | Part 2

In part 2 of this two-part special, Mayor Giuliani interviews a COVID-19 patient, Rabbi Sholom Lipskar, Founder of The Shul of Bal Harbour. Rabbi Lipskar joins Common Sense by FaceTime to share the exact treatment he was prescribed, the symptoms he had, and the politicization he is watching play out amidst the battle against COVID-19.

Video LIVE WABC Radio Show Hosted by Mayor Giuliani with Special Guests Charlie Kirk and Dr. Robert Hariri

BATTLE Against COVID-19 in Rural America, Interview with CEO of New Hampshire Hospital | PART 1

In part 1 of this two-part special, leading rural hospital CEO Dr. Maria Ryan lucidly explains the preparations and experiences rural America is going through during the battle against COVID-19.

EXCELLENT NEWS: Hydroxychloroquine Treatment Effective on 699 Patients

The Hydroxy treatment appears to be working so far! In an exclusive interview, Dr. Vladmir Zelenko shares with us a preliminary study outlining that out of his 699 patients treated, he has had ZERO deaths, ZERO intubations, and four hospitalizations. In today’s episode of Common Sense, Dr. Zelenko breaks it down and gives a lucid explanation of the rationale behind his treatment.

Prominent Medical Expert Discusses Stem Cell Therapy with Mayor Rudy Giuliani

In this episode of Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani is joined by a very prominent guest in the medical field, Dr. Robert (Bob) Hariri, MD, Ph.D., the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Celularity.

Leadership, Reflection, and the September 11 Attacks

Although 9/11 and COVID-19 are different, they both constitute a unique attack on the United States. Therefore, the principles of leadership, which have to guide us, are universal. 

200+ Ships EMPTY and AVAILABLE, Rudy Giuliani’s EXCLUSIVE Guest Shares

Mayors and Governors nationwide are currently complaining about the lack of medical supplies needed to battle the COVID-19 outbreak. One of Rudy Giuliani’s exclusive guests, Jules Nasso, who supplies most commercial ships and cruise liners, can put his hand on 200+ ships already stocked with medical supplies, doctors, nurses, and operation rooms. Our government officials need to WAKE UP! Jules can be contacted at Juliusrnasso@gmail.com.

Trumponomics and Crisis Management with Stephen Moore and Tony Carbonetti

A BIG episode today on Common Sense! Stephen Moore, Author of Trumponomics, joins Rudy Giuliani to discuss the attack on our economy by an external force! Then, my former Chief of Staff during 9/11, Tony Carbonetti, joins us later in the show to discuss the similarities and differences.

Rudy Giuliani sits down with Emergency Doctors on the Front Line

Exclusive Interview: Next NYC Mayor? Interview with Billionaire Businessman John Catsimatidis

In my exclusive interview with possible future New York City Mayor, John Catsamatides, we discuss the economy, Coronavirus, New York City, and running for Mayor!

$3.5 Billion Missing, Obama Administration Covered Up

The Obama administration covered up a report showing that $3.5 billion in foreign aid never reached it’s intended destination & purpose.

Current Horrific Conditions of NYC | Rudy Giuliani’s Common

In episode 13 of Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani discusses the current condition of NYC with former Police Commissioner, Bernie Kerik. Bernie led the NYPD during the horrific events of September 11, reduced crime by 20%, as well as reduced the violence on Rikers Island by an astounding 80%. A true hero and American patriot.

Coronavirus Preparations and What You Can Do

Rudy Giuliani’s interview with Joe Lhota, Executive Vice President of NYU Langone Hospital, on the new coronavirus and what you and your family need to know.

$5.3 Billion in Ukrainian Foreign Aid Missing

Today’s episode reveals major criminal charges against close Soros associates for $343 MILLION in foreign-aid given during the Obama years, which is currently missing.

Interview with Ukrainian Whistleblower Over EXCLUSIVE New Documents

In his explosive interview with Andrii Telizhenko, Rudy Giuliani testifies that if this case is fully investigated, a lot of people will go down in Ukraine, as well as top Democrat officials in Washington.

The BLOCKBUSTER Report & RAPE of Ukraine | Part 2

Inside The Prosecutor’s File And Bombshell Documents | Part 1

EXCLUSIVE Interview: Steve Bannon: 2020 Campaign, Ukraine, and Crooked Democrats

Rudy Giuliani worked closely with Steve Bannon on the Trump campaign in 2016. Rudy thought Steve was terrific. No one understands the reasons for Donald Trump’s victory better than Steve Bannon. His show War Room is a must and so is his interview with Rudy Giuliani.

Proving Extensive Corruption & Criminal Conduct by the Biden Family Enterprise

If any of us took the kind of money Joe Biden and his family extracted from his public offices, that as Senator and Vice President, we would already be convicted! The pattern: Biden is named Point Man in Iraq, Ukraine, and China and Biden fails in his mission for the U.S., yet the Biden Family scores millions upon millions for the Enterprise.

The Complete Witness: Proof of Bribery & Collusion

In today’s episode Rudy Giuliani sits down with Andrii Telizhenko, one of possibly as many as 12 witnesses who can testify that the State Department, DOJ, and FBI were not interested in evidence of Democrat bribery, extortion, money laundering, and illegal interference in the 2016 election.

The Trial: The Biden Family Crimes Conclusively Proved | SWORN AFFIDAVIT

Episode 4 of Common Sense explores the pattern of crime in Ukraine, Iraq, and China, which could lead not only to a bribery and money laundering case but a RICO case as well.

he Trial: Witness One | EXCLUSIVE interview with Viktor Shokin

The Trial: Opening Statement | Bombshell Documents

Since No Crimes Exist, It Must Be Dismissed

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