Video Playlist: The Right Brothers

Contact Your Elected Officials

Damani Felder is one of the founder of YouTube’s The Right Brothers. He supports MAGA, came from Texas A&M, is a Christian and a Wordsmith. Opinions are his own. Damani can be seen in the documentary Uncle Tom by Larry Elder.

Taking Down the Mainstream Media in 140 Seconds

The mainstream media is actively working against the American people. And I’m not afraid to call them out.

Taking Down Liberal Hollywood Entertainers

Liberal entertainers of Hollywood love to pretend they’re morally superior. That ends today.

Video Playlist: The Right Brothers

The Right Brothers on YouTube

Damani Felder is part of The Right Brothers. They are biological brothers, linguistic savants, masters of vocabulary, and fearless foot-soldiers in the fight to shine a light on the beauty that is independent thought. They believe in the power of intrinsic motivation, support of and respect for our law enforcement officers, and the repudiation of victimhood group-think. As the sons of two USAF veterans, and the proud products of homeschooling, they believe in the power of the cohesive family unit and its role in the creation of the leaders of tomorrow. They aspire to glorify God, emulate the examples set for them by their parents, and lead the way into a bold new future, free of the bonds of perpetually historical retrospective in which many of their fellow citizens languish to this day. Help them spread the word: Identity Politics is Dead.

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart