Rudy Giuliani lays out the Biden’s corruption in Ukraine

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Rudy Giuliani joins “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the Biden’s corrupt actions in Ukraine and elsewhere. 

Transcript of Maria Bartiromo Interview with Rudy Giuliani on Biden corruption

Maria Bartiromo: We have a lot to get to this morning, first some Republican Senators on Capitol Hill pledging to press ahead with investigations into Hunter Biden and his finances after President Trump’s impeachment acquittal last week. The president’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, has said he backs that effort. Mr. Giuliani joins me right now. Rudy is wonderful to see you.

Rudy Giuliani: Good to see you.

Maria Bartiromo: Thanks so much for joining us. You have to smoking guns on set with you right now. We’re going to get to that in a moment. But give me your reaction, first to the president’s acquittal, the State of the Union wear speaker Pelosi rips up the president’s speech. How’s the president doing post all of that?

Rudy Giuliani: The acquittal, of course, was wonderful, but it never should have happened. He didn’t do anything wrong. And I think over the next couple of months you’re going to see that what he did was perfectly justifiable. The amount of crimes that Democrats committed in Ukraine are astounding. And when you say investigate and call Hunter Biden, Joe Biden was the guy who did the bribe in order to protect Burisma.

Maria Bartiromo: Which bribe? Tell me about which bribe your referring to.

Rudy Giuliani: Do you want to talk about Iraq or talk about Ukraine or you want to talk about of China. Every time Joe Biden was named point man the Biden family made millions. As a prosecutor, that just doesn’t compute for me. He’s named point man in Iraq, the brother gets a half a billion dollar housing deal for 4 days later, no housing experience. Ukraine Point man, the kid makes 8 million dollars and now they’re looking at where the money went to Joe. The whole deal there was between the owner of the company and Joe and it was to protect the company, and the reason he got the prosecutor kicked out is, remember how they said Hunter Biden was not under investigation by that prosecutor,

Maria Bartiromo: Yay.

Rudy Giuliani: Well, I’d like you to look at this document that unequivocally says, and this is around the time he was fired. This is February 18, 2016. He was fired February 2016. It just reads very simply, ‘Burisma Holdings Limited and it’s Director, Hunter Biden, are involved in corruption affair’. And then it lays out a stone-cold money laundering situation that he was involved in for 14.6 million dollars, that went from, disguised as loans, from Ukraine to Latvia, Latvia to Cypress and then it came to the U.S.. And they wouldn’t give the prosecutor the amounts of money that went to Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, because the prosecutor was told the American Embassy wouldn’t give it. Well, I recovered those documents from the trial of Devon Archer. You know his partner was convicted of securities fraud. In that trial they had to produce documents that shows money coming in exactly that time, so ties the money laundering altogether, If there were document about you with me like this, I think we’d be in jail by now by now. He hasn’t even been investigated.

Maria Bartiromo: This is the thing. Every time you bring this up the critics of the President say this has been looked at and looked at before. This actually has not been looked at and the Treasury has now . . .

Rudy Giuliani: I recovered this. Nobody looked at this. They have, they have for two years, the Justice Department and the FBI, I have a 4 witnesses who say, that for two years they’ve been trying to get this information to the Justice Department and the FBI. One FBI agent went like this to the witness (shrugged his shoulders).

Maria Bartiromo: Why isn’t it important to some people to investigate the Biden’s. Is it because he was in the senate for 30 plus years and they’re all friends with him. I mean is there a personal situation here. I will say this, the treasury has compiled a list and documents, they have complied with a Republican-controlled senate inquiry into Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine. They’ve handed over highly sensitive evidence of questionable origin. That is a report from last week. So the treasury is complying with an investigation that’s happening now.

Rudy Giuliani: Very good. What the Treasury Department should do is look at every one of the family transactions, because this was a pattern of behavior. They were monetizing, the family was monetizing, Joe’s public office. When he was a senator they did it, and 3 major ones when he was in as vice president in Iraq and Ukraine, in China, and we’re talking millions, we’re not talking pennies. Joe claims he didn’t know, he didn’t notice that his brother and his son, who has his challenge with with drugs, were becoming millionaires right around him. Joe’s answer to all eight situations is, ‘I don’t know my family’s business’. That only worked once for Kay Corleone.

Maria Bartiromo: Yay. You have a second piece of information you want to share as evidence at this point.

Rudy Giuliani: The second is equally, equally damaging. This is a memo from a woman named Ali Chalupa. She work for the Democratic National Committee. This is a memo to her boss, the Coms Director. This is May 3, 2016, right in the middle of the election. She brags to him that she put, put together, ‘I invited Michael isikoff, whom I’ve been working with for the past few weeks, and connected him to the Ukrainians to talk about Paul Manafort’.

Maria Bartiromo: Isikoff is the New York times reporter.

Rudy Giuliani: Yes. This is the crime they were investigating the Trump organization for. This is what they investigated Donald Trump Jr. for 2 years, and said they were going to indict him for. Meanwhile, they have an admission that she was getting information from foreigners and funneling it into the campaign. Then she goes further, she says, ‘a big one will hit in next few weeks’. The big one in the next few weeks was the phony black ledger.

Maria Bartiromo: The dossier?

Rudy Giuliani: Yes, the phony black ledger, in which they announced that it would destroy Trump’s campaign.

Maria Bartiromo: By the way, they used the same reporter, Isikoff, to leak things during the Russia collusion narrative as well.

Rudy Giuliani: Documents don’t, I’ve tried enough cases lie and argued this often. You put this in front of a jury and you say ladies and gentleman of the jury, documents don’t lie.

Maria Bartiromo: I’ve got to move on, but I want to finish this here. Do you think we’re going to see accountability. We spoke with Senator Lindsey Graham on this program last Sunday and he said look, it’s not his Department, it has to be Foreign Affairs. He says Jim Risch is resisting.

Rudy Giuliani: Not my job. Not my job man. Not my job. I love Lindsay, but not my job, man.

Maria Bartiromo: Lindsey Graham says he wants to investigate. But how are you going to get them to get down there and testify so that we can get some some documentation under oath so that we can understand what they’re saying.

Rudy Giuliani: Democrats have done this thing that Biden’s running for president therefore he can be engaged in multiple briberies, and get away with it. Its ridiculous. These are not simple crimes.

Maria Bartiromo: Do you think we’ll get accountability? Are you expecting another investigation?

Rudy Giuliani: He corrupted Ukraine any he soiled the reputation of the United States. How do we have relationships with Ukraine and try to get them to be honest, if we can’t hold our vice president accountable for bribing their president, or for taking a bribe from one of their most crooked citizens.

Maria Bartiromo: So you do believe we’ll see accountability? You do believe we’ll actually hear from Hunter Biden?

Rudy Giuliani: If we don’t we continue to have the double standard where Republicans are treated harshly, Democrats get off the hook.

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