‘Russia Will Take All Of Ukraine’: Erik Prince Analyzes New Strategies In Russia/Ukraine Conflict

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Erik Prince, former Navy SEAL and military consultant, talks to host Steve Bannon about the war in Ukraine and what steps the United States should take to prevent a further catastrophe. Bannon and Prince disagree with each other about the best path forward, as Bannon argues against further arming of the Ukrainians.

Prince: “Here’s the thing. Russians are really good at field artillery. They are roto-tilling Eastern Ukraine with 10,000 artillery shells a day… I disagree with the premise of sending more US or NATO troops there to make the Russians feel deterred. What would make the Russians deterred in Ukraine is more ability for the Ukrainians to actually fight back, to let them maneuver, that would make the Russian Army in the field feel much more threatened. … I think the Russians will probably try an amphibious invasion next month of Odessa… They may end up taking the whole country…. There are asymmetric things that the US could be providing that does not require any US troops….  There is 200 US combat aircraft already slated to retire this year… The Ukrainians could fly them or contracted pilots could fly them.”

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