Save the Next Girl

Save The Next Girl
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We sweat, fight, and bring awareness about human trafficking

In January 2017 our daughter disappeared. Days turned into weeks and we learned that she had become a victim of Human Trafficking. More than a month later, with the help of an amazing network of friends, family and a non-profit organization, she was rescued and reunited with our family. It was an experience that no one, no family, should have to go through.

The problems that are involved in human trafficking are very complex and include self-esteem, sexual issues, addiction, fear, hatred and trying to regain reputations, which in our case were very damaged by misinformation reported by the media.   

Like many people that experience trauma, we have a burning passion inside of us to share and help bring awareness about what we experienced. Talking about human sex trafficking is still very taboo. The truth is that it is a growing problem that has reached every corner of our nation. There is much work to be done. 

We have created a movement that is called #savethenextgirl (boy). This will be our 4th year and it continues to triple in the number of people that get involved every year. WE WANT YOU!! WE NEED YOU!

Every human deserves to be free. We live in a society that prizes individual freedom, and it was shocking to realize that our children and adults are still being sold for sex. Every human deserves the right to be free to make their own choices.

The Ellis Family and The #savethenextgirl (boy) team #endhumantrafficking


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