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Help Save James. James’ mother is trying to transition the boy to a girl. Jame’s father, Jeff, is trying to stop her.

But it’s not just about James. Thousands of kids are at risk of medial child abuse. Your funds will help :

  • Stop the social transition of James to a girl. His mother tells him he’s a girl and puts him in dresses.
  • Stop the medical transition of James: chemical castration, sterilization, sex-change surgery.
  • Help pass a law prohibiting social and medical interventions like this on children.

When James is with his father, the boy shows no signs of wanting to be a girl. Even when in female company, away from Jeff, James rejects a female gender expression.

Documentary evidence proves: James’ mother had plans to initiate medical interventions without the father’s consent.

James’ mother’s intentions are recorded in:

  • James’ pediatrician’s records. James’ mother had conversations about puberty blockers at age 9 with Dr. Jennifer Pape. She’s the pediatrician who first misdiagnosed James with gender dysphoria.
  • Plans for medical interventions appear in James’ record at the GENECIS sex-change clinic in Dallas.
  • James’ counselor referred James to the GENECIS Clinic specifically to “explore the medical side of treatment.”

This is alarming. It’s happening to thousands of children.

James is unaware of the long-term consequences of changing his gender. James has expressed a strong interest in having children and being a father. If subjected to medical interventions, James will be permanently sterilized. James would never be able to have children.

James does not have gender dysphoria. His counselors and doctors appear to have misdiagnosed him. To diagnose a child with gender dysphoria, there must be some kind of impairment. But James has no impairment.

  • James’ therapists, chosen solely by his mother, testified that James had no significant impairment or anxiety.
  • The court-ordered custody evaluator, Benjamin Albritton, testified that James shows no signs of impairment or severe anxiety. His report says that James is happy and doing well at school.
  • James’ teacher said he is the happiest kid in school.

Despite not meeting the diagnostic criteria, these over-zealous licensed counselors still diagnosed James with gender dysphoria – setting off this tragic chain of events.

The best outcome for James is to identify with his biological sex. Jeff’s experts — some of the most respected researchers in transgender medicine — testified that affirming a child in a false gender identity is harmful.

  • Affirming a false gender identity causes a child to persist in their delusions.
  • If you affirm a child’s gender delusions, they may never again identify with their biological sex.
  • Social transition is a direct harm to James.

James’ mother and counselors want to suppress the boy’s normal, male gender expression when he’s with his father. Why? It makes no sense.

Help us Save James by helping James’ dad. Jeff Younger’s case is the tip of the spear in the fight for kids:

  • Kids harmed and lead astray by affirming false gender identities.
  • Kids negligently abused by overzealous psychologists misdiagnosing innocent youths with gender dysphoria.
  • Kids threatened with medical interventions that lead to permanent harm.

This dad needs to win his case for all the kids suffering today.

Please, donate to Jeff Younger and Save James.

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