Schiff Ran AGAINST impeachment in 2000, 20 years later what changed?

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Rep. Adam Schiff ran for Congress against impeachment and won his Congressional seat by attacking his GOP opponent, James Rogan, for fixating on the Clinton impeachment instead of concentrating on his Congressional District.


Adam Schiff: “I think that impeachment for most people in this district is only the most graphic illustration of an incumbent who has put the national partisan ideological fights ahead of representing his district.”

Adam Schiff: “In America no one is above the law.”

Commentator: He’s become the face of impeachment, California congressman Adam Schiff is the leader of seven house managers, but exactly 20 years ago she campaigned against impeachment and undefeated incumbent Republican Congressman James Rogan who was a House Manager for the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton. Schiff won in part by accusing Rogan ignoring the district, spending too much time on impeachment, and exploiting his notoriety. 

Adam Schiff: “Will, I will tell you this, I will uphold mine, I will vote to impeach Donald Trump.”

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