Secretaries Of State Bent & Broke The Law To Stuff The Ballot Box

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Peter Navarro takes on an MSNBC host who can’t imagine the idea of election fraud and gives him an education in what really happened.

“When Ali Velshi says ‘Oh there’s never any evidence [of election fraud],’ you can point directly to two particular secretaries of state, Jocelyn Benson in Michigan and Kathy Boockvar in Pennsylvania. What those women did, as secretaries of states, was in some cases bend the law but in others break the law to advocate and push forward the grand ‘stuff the ballot box’ strategy. Remember, it has two components. Figure out as many ways as you can to get absentee and mail-in ballots into things like the ballot harvesting drip boxes, but also remove the scrutiny of those ballots…. These two women alone, elected by George Soros money, swung the 2020 election in a way which was effectively a stolen election.”

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