Sen. Johnson Talks Biden and the Democrats’ Radical Agenda on Fox News

Ron Johnson on Sunday Morning Futures
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OSHKOSH — On Sunday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) joined Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” to discuss to Democrats’ reckless spending proposals, President Biden’s weak foreign policy and the administration’s lack of cooperation with Congress.    

The full interview can be found here and here, and excerpts are below.

Senator Johnson on Sunday Morning Futures 7.25 (1/2)

Senator Johnson on Sunday Morning Futures 7.25 (2/2)

On Democrats’ reckless spending proposals:

“We are over twenty-eight and a half trillion dollars in debt. The Democrats, on a completely partisan basis, just passed about a $1.9 trillion-dollar supposedly Covid relief package. Seven hundred billion dollars of that isn’t even spent until 2022 through 2028. So we’re mortgaging our kids’ future. We can’t continue to deficit spend the way Democrats want to do so. One of the things that I’ve been talking about is the fact that you have that 700 billion dollars of – it’s not Covid relief, it’s new entitlement programs further mortgaging our kids future — why don’t we repurpose that amount of money, and spend that on infrastructure, because we do need to upgrade our infrastructure, everybody agrees on that, but we shouldn’t be doing with more borrowing, more deficit spending.”

On Biden’s weak foreign policy:

“He should stop dividing this nation — he’s done nothing to unify and heal this nation, as he said in his inaugural address. The other thing that we need to do is, we need a strong America, and you don’t strengthen America by weakening it with this massive debt and newest entitlements, more deficit spending. We actually have to concentrate on having a powerful military, and the Biden administration is doing everything that they can to weaken the military. We have massive, double-digit increases in every other aspect of the budget but increases in both defense and Department of Homeland Security, they’re de minimis, they won’t even keep up with inflation, so in fact we’ll actually be reducing the size of the military and DHS from budgetary standpoint according to Biden, and then you look at his weakness around the globe — crawling back to a deal with Iran, what he’s doing in Afghanistan, the travesty that’s going to create. He’s just showing weakness globally and our adversaries notice that and they will act on that.”

On Biden administration’s lack of transparency:

“Who knows what’s happening? These agencies are not being forthright, they are not being transparent and quite honestly Congress is losing its oversight capability. I’ve sent two letters with five members of the Homeland Security Committee on it. There’s a law that says when five members of the Homeland Security Committee request information, the agencies shall turn it over — CDC is not turning over records as it relates to the teachers’ union involvement with some of the CDC pronouncement, or they also are not turning over Anthony Fauci’s unredacted emails. So I’m calling on Senator Peters to use the committee to subpoena those records because they are not responding to our lawful request saying that they shall turn those records over to us. This is a huge problem, Maria. The administration is just blowing off Congress.”


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