Sexual Assault as a Political Weapon

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As a man, a father, and just a decent human being, I take sexual assault extremely seriously. It is probably the most serious allegation that can ever be leveled against a man and the most devastatingly traumatic violation that can happen to a woman (or man). Due to the severity of it’s affects, being accused of sexual assault is arguably more damaging to a man’s reputation than being accused of murder. 

What really feeds the controversy around most sexual assault allegations is the issue of consent. Most often the only people that have definitive knowledge whether an act was consensual are the accuser and the accused. The general acknowledgment that an incalculable number perpetrators manage to avoid prosecution due to the difficulty proving lack of consent understandably creates a lingering doubt that forever follows the accused. 

One of the most despicable tactics that Democrats have developed in my lifetime is to weaponize this uncertainty and rage for political gain. Like most Democrat strategies, this one twists the target audience’s sense of decency. Also like most Democrat strategies, weaponized sexual assault allegations hurt the very people Democrats purport to be protecting. Each false allegation casts doubt over legitimate claims and makes it more painful for actual victims to come forward when they are most vulnerable. That doesn’t matter to Democrats relentlessly pursuing raw power. Their crocodile tears only last as long as it takes to feed the media frenzy and eliminate their target.

The most obvious tell of this tactic is the blatant hypocrisy of Democrats. They mindlessly parrot scripted talking points like: “We must believe all survivors.” This is another typical Democrat ploy where they subtly use the word survivor rather than accuser. “Survivor” adds a connotation of glory and indicates someone whose claim has been proven—and that’s the idea. Democrats want to skip due process and move directly to conviction in the court of public opinion when the outcome suits them. Of course, what they really mean is that we must believe anyone who accuses a Republican. Let’s explore some clear examples of the ludicrous double standard Democrats and their media lackeys apply to sexual assault allegations.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have always believed “go big, or go home” when it comes to dishonesty and hypocrisy. Extraordinary hypocrisy is a self-inoculating strategy. It paralyzes reasonable minds because most normal people can’t comprehend that anyone is capable of being so brazen. So, when Donald Trump began to gain traction in the 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary surely assumed that she could easily take him out by spreading and repeating allegations against him. Trump had made himself an easy target with a long history of brash behavior and rhetoric in the public eye—as well as being on wife number three with many girlfriends and liaisons in between (and possibly during) marriages. Democrats were emboldened by the success they had twisting the innocent words of a comparatively squeaky clean Mitt Romney in 2012 to solidify the women vote. However, unlike Romney, Trump fought back hard. He held a press conference right before one of the debates with several women who had long publicly accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault and rape. Perhaps more damaging were the accusations that, contrary to her “believe all women” mantra, Hillary personally participated in silencing her husband’s many accusers. Hillary received the message loud and clear: “You want to go there? Let’s go there!” Seemingly overnight talk of Trump’s alleged indiscretions disappeared. One of the Democrats’ most potent weapons had been neutralized, and we all know how that ended. Trump’s willingness to confront and defeat the Democrats’ arsenal of reliable, repugnant political weapons is what sparked the rage that burned white hot throughout his presidency.

Perhaps the most obvious use of false sexual assault allegations purely for political gain is the case of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Diane Feinstein most have known immediately how implausible these accusations were, which is why she waited until every legitimate option to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation was exhausted before she revealed them. It was obvious to any honest person who watched the senate hearings that Dr. Ford’s story didn’t make any sense. Every person Dr. Ford claimed to be a witness to the incident denied ever hearing of it in the 40 years that had passed. Most directly contradicted the circumstances Dr. Ford described. One could forgive Dr. Ford for confusing a few details so many years later but none of the logistics of her story, or any other supporting claims, made any sense at all. Perhaps Dr. Ford was, or believes she was, actually assaulted at some point but the incident she alleged with Kavanaugh clearly never occurred.

Nonetheless, Democrats promoted the allegations. It was the only remaining “Hail Mary” option to block Kavanaugh. Prior to even hearing any testimony, they all rushed to declare their unwavering belief of Dr. Ford and condemned anyone who indicated a desire to reserve judgement in the absence of evidence. The chorus of disingenuous Democrats included Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and virtually ever prominent party member. During the hearing, it was exposed that Dr. Ford was misled by her attorneys, and probably Democrats. One of the nonsensical supposed lasting effects of the alleged attack was that Dr. Ford was afraid of flying (though she admitted to flying regularly). In a display of sensitivity, Senate Republicans had publicly offered to accommodate her and fly to California to meet with her. Dr. Ford’s sworn testimony indicated that she was unaware of the offer.

The party that claims to be the champion of women had no concern for the three innocent people they were hurting most: Kavanaugh’s wife and two young daughters. These innocent girls had to weather this storm of character assassination knowing that their classmates were surely aware of the proceedings. His wife had to stoically listen to pompous and callous politicians attempt to destroy her husband for their own gain while she tried to shield and comfort her daughters. They were collateral damage in the fight to preserve unrestricted abortion and infanticide, and the chance to stick it to President Trump. In their eyes, Republican women and girls deserve whatever they get.

Contrast the Kavanaugh circus to the allegations Tara Reade made against President Biden. You may not even be aware of these accusations due to the deliberately light media coverage. I believe in fair investigations and due process so, unlike Democrats, I am not going to declare Biden guilty without further investigation. I do, however, feel that these claims are far more credible than those Democrats have promoted against others and should have been (and should still be) investigated. Aside from logistically making much more sense than Dr. Ford’s testimony, Reade actually had documented supporting evidence. Whereas nobody in the four decades that passed since Dr. Ford’s alleged attack had ever heard of the incident, a recording of Reade’s mother calling into Larry King Live in 1993 and discussing the alleged attack of her daughter (without naming Biden) is readily available. Perhaps more importantly, Reade claims to have filed a complaint with the Senate personnel office in 1993 accusing Biden of “sexual harassment and retaliation.” Clearly Reade HAD told people about the incident decades earlier.

Biden also has a long history of hair sniffing, massaging, and other bizarre and inappropriate behavior both in public and private. There are reports of a 2009 incident where Biden allegedly cupped the breast of the girlfriend of a Secret Service agent. Accounts of the story state that others had to intervene to prevent the agent from “getting physical” with the then-Vice President. The 2015 book, The First Family Detail, contains claims that Biden often swam naked in the presence of female Secret Service agents. At least ten women, mostly Democrats, have come forward with complaints against Biden ranging from general creepiness to full fledged sexual assault. Since Biden is a Democrat, the media has been quick to declare these allegations “debunked”, though none has been formally investigated. Once allegations began to emerge against Democrats, the #metoo movement no longer garnered media coverage. Biden borrowed the Clintons’ ‘supersize the lie’ strategy and pushes the narrative that he is a champion of women’s rights.

Kamala Harris wasn’t as cautious as I am in passing judgment. While she was still in the presidential race, she publicly said of the Biden accusers: “I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it.” That makes fact that she subsequently accepted the VP nomination from Biden unforgivable. She is admitting either: that she was previously consciously using false accusations to take down an opponent; or that she is willing to enable an actual rapist to further her career. Either conclusion exposes the disgusting game that Democrats play with sexual assault.

By Peter Farrell

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