Should Sports Stars Be Held Accountable for Their Actions?

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People live under the rules and regulations of their nationality, religion, profession, and other things that define them. It doesn’t matter the class or status one is a part of; rules are rules, and everyone has a moral obligation to be virtuous. For example, athletes are very adept at their craft and well paid. But sometimes, self-aggrandizement causes them to act a certain way that is very solipsistic. Regardless of the position or power, someone has attained. Therefore, they should treat everyone with dignity. Unfortunately, athletes, public figures, and politicians are held to a higher standard than others and are prone to scrutiny through the public eye. Athletes are usually involved in advertisements and endorsements, making them admirable to youngsters who desire to be like them, thus being role models.

Kylie Irving is the latest example of a star athlete who paid for his inappropriate and irresponsible behavior. The Brooklyn Nets suspended Irving for five games for his anti-Semitic post on his social media account. Irving appeared to support a film that has anti-semitic tropes. He refused to deny that he held to such beliefs. Although he apologized for the harm his post caused, he posed questions about anti-semitism.

Moreover, the organization intervened and suspended him. While Irving claimed to be learning from the unfortunate event and took responsibility for the negative impact he caused; Irving remained evasive when asked about the film. He, however, clarified his stance and claimed that his first response resulted from overreacting emotionally to his accusation of being anti-semitic and that he did not intend to disrespect the historic way of life of the Jewish people. I am afraid I have to disagree with Irving. Irving disseminates hate and prejudices toward a group of people. With the history of genocide during WWII, Irving’s behavior was egregious, insensitive, immoral, stupid, juvenile, and distasteful. The criticism he brought upon himself is self-inflicted and of his own volition. Irving deserves it. Holding athletes accountable for their actions breeds trust among individuals and teams. Everyone should be responsible for their actions regardless of their status or power.

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