Social Distance From Anti-Blackness And Reparations – A Voice of Wisdom

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Social Distance From Anti-Blackness – A Voice of Wisdom

There was a social media/political firestorm weeks ago when Dilbert creator Scott Adams said this:

Nothing about what Adams said was inaccurate. Just as nothing Bill Maher points out about the massive numbers of black on black crime being ignored by so called ” Woke Liberals” is inaccurate. And Bob Woodson is telling the truth too. But his audience and those pushing reparartions cannot hear the truth. They spend every ounce of their energy willing the truth to not be so.

About this concept of  willful blindness. 

Sundance over at Conservative Treehouse has a thought provoking clarion call that sums up willful blindness and passivity nicely. Take the time to read, it is worth it – see here.

But for now take a listen to Bob Woodson’s stunning exchange with a reparations activist:

By Bekah Lyons

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