Special Edition: Transhumanism 101

Joe Allen About Transhumanism 101 on War Room
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Steve Bannon and Joe Allen put together a special edition of “War Room” dedicated to a thorough discussion of how transhumanism is working to supplant the human experience with the digital experience. The first segment focuses on how technology can be inserted into the human being to monitor and track our every move.

The second segment expand the discussion into how government and corporations can use this technology to control all human activity.

Part 3 talks about the desire of transhumanists to reach a point called the Singularity, where machines will surpass humans and become self-conscious and self-replicating. Part 4 talks about the ultimate goal of transhumanists to create an immortal version of life in order to become like God.

Part 1: Biometric Tyranny Is Now Among Us – We Must Push Back

Part 2: The Most Dangerous System Of Control To Have Emerged

Part 3: Warning Of The Idea Of The Singularity Embraced By Top Researcher At Google

Part 4: Purveyors Of Transhumanist Beliefs Have Two Major Traits In Common

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