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Stop Corporate Tyranny

Stop Corporate Tyranny is a one-stop shop for educational resources exposing the Left’s nearly completed takeover of corporate America, along with resources and tools for everyday Americans to fight back against the Left’s woke and censoring mob in the corporate lane.

We reject the Left’s weaponization of corporate America against traditional beliefs and values. We work to dissuade corporations from engaging in activities that undermine free enterprise, individual liberty, limited government, free speech and the rule of law. Companies must instead return to their primary role—as fiduciaries for their investors. We seek to restore a healthy understanding of, and respect for, liberty, free enterprise and American culture all of which is being corrupted by corporate oligarchs.


America’s large corporations are increasingly picking political sides in the battle between liberty and tyranny. As Tucker Carlson has noted, the biggest threat to liberty is no longer big government, its big business. Corporate America is starting to mirror American higher education—a place dominated by liberals and for liberals, but with more power to shut down any opposition to the Left’s cultural orthodoxy and dominance.

Corporate elites are dictating what ideas and beliefs are acceptable. To dissent from the corporate elite makes you a target against the ever-expanding corporate promotion of the progressive Left’s extreme and radical agenda in America and around the globe. Corporate elites are censoring, defunding, de-platforming, and silencing non-progressive voices in the public space, eliminating pluralism, free speech and civil debate. As mobs dominate, intimidation spreads. Traditional Americans and conservative views are being marginalized and increasingly, cancelled.

Tactically, the Left is working top-down, bottom-up, and outside-in to craft culture to their liking at breakneck speeds. From the top, liberal CEOs and boards use shareholder’s money to advance liberal policy. From the bottom, woke employees dictate corporate action while non-partisan or conservative employees stay silent, out of fear of being cancelled. And, from outside, legions of well-funded outside investors, activists, and media members pressure companies to work in lockstep with the power-hungry, political left.

Whether under the guise of “ESG” (environmental, social and governance), “wokeness,” or “stakeholder” capitalism, make no mistake, that all these terms are just cover for liberals weaponizing big business to achieve their radical, political goals.

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