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As Steve Bannon says, “Elections have consequences. Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.” The catastrophic consequences resulting from the 2020 presidential election have left American families in the wake of disaster. This is Joe Biden’s America.

It goes far beyond historic inflation. That alone has crippled the economy and devastated millions of industrious Americans who now must make their hard-earned money stretch farther. And if that wasn’t enough, corrupt politicians print and spend trillions of dollars on pet projects and failing policies, most of which benefit criminals, illegal immigrants, and foreign nationals, as if money were grown on trees and not earned on the backs of hard working Americans and stolen through obscene and egregiously high taxes.

It goes far beyond bad policies. Out of touch Washington politicians gaslight Americans daily under the guise of “equity.” Radical leftist policies, termed “progressive” justice reform, is just a fancy way of saying more criminals on the streets, more crime left unprosecuted, rampant drug use in our communities, unchecked homelessness, historic violent and petty crime, and the list goes on. Once-thriving neighborhoods across America now look like third world countries where families feel unsafe walking their children to school. Calls to defund and vilify the police leave communities unprotected from historic crime and American families are left to defend themselves. America-last energy policies do irreparable long term damage by rendering us dependent upon hostile nations while American families can’t afford to fill their gas tanks.

It goes far beyond immoral and intolerant ethics. Nationally funded education purports shameless, vile and erroneous curriculum. Critical Race Theory instills division and hatred, encouraging the rising generation to despise themselves and each other based on feelings created from perceived racial injustices. Sex education modules are written by Planned Parenthood, the very organization stripping women of their rights and murdering millions of children a year. The test scores in America prove that the system is broken with poor rankings when comparing American students with students from other industrialized countries.

What is the condescending elitist career politician’s response? Spend more money and leave it for someone else to solve. The Washington elite are too busy golfing, getting their hair and nails done and wining and dining themselves in the foothills of California. When they are done tearing down the very fabric of American lives, their plan is to adopt a new world agenda to “build back better”. A world where rampant confusion is unleashed upon our children through psychological attacks in school, entertainment and sports seeding confusion about gender, family and love. An orchestrated agenda that will tear families apart by stripping parents of their rights and involvement and brainwashing children into statists, while simultaneously hypersexualizing and grooming our kids to create the genderless, immoral society of their dreams.

We used to live in the most free and most prosperous nation in the world. We used to live in a country that valued hard work, honesty, integrity and humanity. We used to live in a country where a child could grow up aspiring greatness equipped with all the tools needed to accomplish his dreams. Now these long lasting ideals have been stripped away from American families and future generations in the span of a single year under the Biden administration. All Americans deserve representatives who work for the people. We deserve hard working individuals who go to Washington to represent everyday Americans – not lobbyists, not a radical woke agenda, and most of all not themselves. We deserve the same America that inspired the world by ending slavery, saved the world from a genocidal Holocaust and transformed the world through the industrial revolution.

I want to be that representative for American families and the American way of life. I’m willing to stand up to the greed, incompetence and corruption in DC, and make America-first policy choices that benefit American families and American citizens. I commit to my district and all American citizens that I will not leave hard working Americans holding the bill for policies that lead to unnecessary hardship in this great nation. I will fight against the policies of the Biden administration. I will not leave problems for the next generation. I will safeguard families because I recognize that they are essential building blocks for a moral and thriving society, and I will protect parental rights as fundamental to that end, and I will stand up for what is right, honest and true. I want all American families to prosper, both yours and mine. That’s why I want to represent the people of Missouri’s 4th district. I’m Kyle LaBrue for Congress and with your support, I will fight to defend our families, our constitution, and our nation. Let’s protect American greatness together.

About Kyle LaBrue

Kyle LaBrue is a lifelong entrepreneur, builder, investor, dedicated father and husband, and an America-first Congressional candidate for Missouri’s 4th District.

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