Tanks on Xuzhou China Streets Sparks Fears of New Tiananmen Square

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Tanks on the streets spark fears of new Tiananmen Square as Chinese Communists flood cities with police to end unprecedented protests sparked by disastrous zero-Covid policy

  • Several military tanks rolled through streets of eastern city of Xuzhou in China
  • Chinese officers have sought to stem historic protests by using violence
  • Video shows woman screaming as she was arrested by six police officers 

Several military tanks have rolled through the streets of China as Beijing ramped up its crackdown against demonstrators who are protesting against President Xi Jinping’s disastrous zero-Covid policy.

Video shows a steady stream of tanks trundling through the eastern city of Xuzhou on Monday night.

The footage will rekindle memories of the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, where hundreds – if not thousands – of Chinese protesters were killed by soldiers in tanks.

Xi’s Communist Party officials have ramped up their crackdown on demonstrators, with police officers seen wrestling with protesters before dragging them away. 

Dramatic video shows a woman screaming as she is arrested by six police officers and dragged away from a main square in Hangzhou, as Chinese officials sought to crack down on protesters in the city.

A man is seen trying to stop the police from arresting the woman by shouting at them, but two officials were seen running at the protester and screaming at him to get back.

Footage also shows a huge crowd of protesters trying to stop a group of police officers from arresting two men in Hangzhou. But the officers were seen wrestling with the protesters and dragging the two demonstrators away while holding the scruff of their collars.

Whilst police officers were dragging protesters away last night, military tanks rolled through the streets of Xuzhou. 

Locals questioned whether the tanks were heading to Shanghai, but others said it was possible the tanks were merely returning from military maneuvers. 

Hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets since the weekend in protests fueled by anger over the unrelenting lockdowns as well as deep-rooted frustrations over China’s political direction.

They mark the largest anti-government demonstrations China has seen since the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. 

By Rachel Bunyan

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