Teacher Calls for ‘Getting Rid of Girls and Boys’ to Break Gender Binary

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An undercover video recently released by Project Veritas shows New York teachers and administrators conspiring to push children into accepting transgenderism, alternative sexual orientations, and “antiracist” beliefs, especially if they come from conservative Christian families.

Project Veritas uses undercover journalists to secretively record conversations with sources. A video about the teachers’ aims was released by the organization on March 13. It was the result of a five-month investigation of a program called EdCamp and culminated earlier in the month, Project Veritas announced.

The video shows a woman identified as a tenured teacher from Jericho Middle School, part of the Jericho Union Free School District in Jericho, New York. She’s seen encouraging teachers attending the seminar to use tenure, and “lean on your tenured colleagues to do some of this work, because we need you” to help spread gender ideology to even the youngest students.

“The more work we can do at the elementary level—breaking down the gender binary, getting rid of girls and boys,” the woman, identified in the video as Elisa Waters, tells a roomful of teachers attending EdCamp. “There’s so much work that can happen, and we’re gonna have some of those conversations today.”

Waters is the founder of LGBTeach, an activist group that provides workshops to “foster awareness, inclusivity, and reflection.”

“Getting comfortable with discomfort is at the core of the LGBTeach philosophy,” a mission statement on the organization’s website reads. The group’s annual EdCamp event offers teachers instruction on how to spread radical gender ideology at their schools.

In the video, which shows Waters teaching the program at several locations, she says she teaches Spanish and social justice. She says she’s also a social worker, with a practice largely focused on “working with LGBTQ youth and their families.”

She says she loves helping families “practice affirmation through their children’s journeys of sexuality and gender.”

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