Teachers Are Your Kids’ Best Support – UNLESS ”Support” Means Teaching

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Kat Tenbarge – a person who works for NBC and is currently writing a book called “a comprehensive STD guide for your preschooler,” has identified why our society is in deep trouble today:

The main problem America is facing today is that we still allow parents to have “the birds and the bees” talk with their kids. Parents are obviously unqualified for that kind of a monumental undertaking. Very few adults today have a degree in “queer theory,” and therefore, they still hold a “backward” view that a certain body part says anything about their kid’s gender. Kat also found that very few parents put a gay sex manual on their preschooler’s summer reading list. And of course, not knowing their S-T-Ds by the time a child enters Kindergarten is why our country is falling behind in technology.

Why do we even want to consider letting parents be in charge of their children’s upbringing when we have significantly more qualified (and better-looking!) people like Rachel Levine? She thinks parents are very rarely supportive of their kids:

“Studies show… that all it takes is one supportive adult to make all the difference for an LGBTQI+ youth, transgender youth, in terms of their risk of depression and suicide. One supportive adult. I’d love it if that was always the parent, but it’s not always a parent. Frequently it’s a teacher, or a guidance counselor, or some other coach or another school personnel.”

Rachel Levine’s definition of “a supportive adult” is a person who pretends that any nonsense that comes out of your child’s mouth deserves a Nobel Prize in science. Rachel Levine calls a sex predator luring your child with an ice cream cone “a supportive adult,” while she reports you to child protective services for limiting your toddler’s sugar consumption.

Because we have so few “supportive parents,” you need to surrender your kid’s upbringing to the cream of our society: the teacher’s unions. Here is their chief spokes-human, Randi Weingarten, advocating for her right to take your children away from you because of “racism!”

Randi Weingarten was so concerned about your children that during Covid that she made sure your kids bore their “fair share” of the burden. She bravely stood by the teachers’ unions, who poured millions into lawsuits just to make sure the union workers are well protected and well paid while you take care of your own spoiled brats, the racist that you are. Because the teachers are all about “protecting your kids” – unless “protecting your kids” involves showing up for work:

“Of course we understand that working parents need to be able to go to work, but working teachers and other school staff also want to survive to make it home.

What will happen when a suddenly sick child vomits in the center of the classroom? Who will bring him or her to the nurse, who will clean up?”

Who could ever imagine that a teacher’s job might involve helping a little kid who is feeling unwell? Obviously, that kind of “menial task” should be handled by someone a lot less “educated” than a teacher. Teachers and school administrators are there to “heroically” protect your child from harm caused by their parents. They are your child’s last line of defense against suicide by “misgendering.” Taking your sick child to the nurse’s office just does not fit the definition of “a supportive adult” any longer.

During Covid, Randi Weingarten kept your children locked up at home as long as possible, causing irreparable damage to their development. Protecting kids from all the “harm” and “abuse” that their parents caused by imposing “backward ideas about sex” somehow wasn’t a priority. Back then, the priority was protecting these people:

But now that “the health emergency” is over, Randi demands “amnesty:”

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