Terrorist-linked Al Jazeera gets ‘exclusive’ access to Taliban storming presidential palace in Kabul

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Al Jazeera is funded by the country of Qatar, which funds the terrorist group Hamas

Hours after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan amid the Taliban takeover, Al Jazeera published what it described as “exclusive” videos and photos of the Taliban entering the presidential palace, raising questions about the news outlet‘s connections with terrorist organizations like the Taliban.

“Taliban fighters have entered Afghanistan’s presidential palace hours after President Ashraf Ghani fled the country,” Al Jazeera reported in an article sharing many pictures and a video of the terrorist group taking the palace. The pictures and the video are marked, “Al Jazeera Exclusive.”

“The group’s leadership, surrounded by dozens of armed fighters, addressed the media from the country’s seat of power,” Al Jazeera added.

One of the Taliban leaders in Al Jazeera’s video claimed to have spent 8 years in Guantanamo. He went on to proclaim that the Taliban was grateful to have taken over Kabul without bloodshed.

A Taliban spokesman and negotiator told The Associated Press that the terrorist group aims to form an “open, inclusive Islamic government,” an apparent attempt to appeal to the Left in the West.

By Tyler O’Neil

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