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A cascade of falsehoods from the Ruling Class — on January 6th, Ukraine, & Inflation…

  • Lie One: January 6th
  • Lie Two: US Intelligence and Ukraine
  • Lie Three: Inflation

“Live Not by Lies.” In 1974, Russian dissident and intellectual Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote an essay with that title, and was summarily exiled from the Soviet Union the very next day.

Nearly a half century later, here in the United States, the nation that accepted Solzhenitsyn now endures a previously unimaginable cascade of falsehoods promulgated brazenly by the most powerful people and institutions in the country.

The Cathedral — an appellation for the Ruling Class of government, big business, media, and academia – clearly feels the growing power of the patriotic populist movement in America. Hence, the repressive torrent of ruling class lies increases in frequency and magnitude. Consider the lies promulgated in just the last 24 hours. These lies, mind you, are grand ones, with immense consequence.

Lie One: January 6th

Tucker Carlson aired stunning video footage from the Capitol building on January 6th. The American people have waited years to witness this evidence, even though we own that building and we paid for those cameras. Thankfully, new Speaker Kevin McCarthy made good on his promises and provides this transparency as the first step toward a full release to the public.

The Carlson evidence obliterated the Permanent Washington narrative about that day. With just a sampling of clips shown so far, the truth emerges that the election sanctity rally escalated into an unruly protest, with small portions of the crowd engaging in real violence against police and public property.

But the overwhelming majority of the protestors were entirely peaceful and treated as welcome guests by authorities, even inside the Capitol.

The video footage proves, in fact, that January 6th was neither an insurrection, nor deadly, with the notable and tragic exception of MAGA supporter Ashli Babbitt. As Tucker Carlson aptly observed while showing the previously-suppressed tapes: “these were not insurrectionists, these were sightseers.”

The most glaring ruling class lie involves the so-called “Q Anon Shaman,” Jacob Chansley. He now sits in a federal prison after enduring nearly a year in pre-trial detention in solitary confinement in Washington. For what crime? “Obstructing an official proceeding” was the conviction that sealed a 41-month sentence for this military veteran.

By Steve Cortes

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