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(as prophesized in the Testaments)

The key to saving the soul of a nation (through point analysis) is the same as saving the soul of a single individual: identify your faults, repent, and lean toward a salvation grace.

Correcting Paper on Education

A(1) University masters, as the originators of deceptive educational reform, have sought to replace ‘natural ethics’ with humanism and ‘traditional religion’ with secularism — devilishly espousing that by putting more emphasis and reliance on the perspicacity of human diversity, society shall aggrieve itself from any miraculous healing, consign itself to becoming more humane. Then by eschewing the virtues of righteous etiquette (separating right from wrong), the profession can begin to walk in the light of a designer-free universe. An earlier paper described the scarlet takeover of the American educational system by beguiling teachers, the union jailers of children, as backed by the scurrilous school-board administration, now steeped in false history and cultural appropriation. Their first deceit was convincing the public to put them in charge: “We know what’s best for your child”. After all, parents are such a nuisance and a chronic burden on a system moving rapidly toward racial equity in the modern fields of science, technology, engineering, and the rest. If that wasn’t enough, activist liberals accelerated their effort to push civility out of the classroom (having a hidden perverse agenda). “Whose morality shall ever be upheld?”, they cried. Teaching any form not exclusively Middle Eastern would be an offense to the Muslims and the Hindus. Religious Christian ideals are a burning-cross anathema to many foreign faiths. Atheists don’t want to celebrate Easter or Christmas … any more than Jihadists would invite a recitation on “Peace on earth, goodwill to (all) men”. Taken hostage, also, would be any respect for constitutional rights, which is a derogation of the Communist manifesto. There can be no classroom large enough for the caretaking of uncaged free speech and no soundproofing sturdy enough to depress the cries of innocents held in chains, awaiting their ongoing trials and endless verbal floggings.

“Science” was never meant to be a humanity’s retreat from social engagement and incitement. Its guiding principles, too, have a tracking theme called ‘the scientific method’, which importunes its followers to partake of keen observation and vigilant analysis anywhere and everywhere, then make declarations of theorem based on accorded experimentation and independent corroboration. Scientific ‘truth’ is therefore tenured to pragmatic service and indentured to logical appeal. Every time a scientist or a lay instructor guides a student on how to work an equation, construct a machine, or repair a bone, he is teaching “morality”. In other words, he is modifying the student’s perception and renovating his encapsulation of behavioral intuition. As a field of study, ‘morality’ resuscitates behavior; and tries to revive in society what Chaos Theory attempts to bring to slackened entropy: brilliant energy and order within and among inherently incongruous entities … and giving humanity, flailing down a long avenue of sign-less motive, a direction-bearing of right from leftist wrong. Concepts such as “fairness” and “respect” are owed a place in propriety; “proficiency”, and “adroitness” are given reverence and operational meaning by taking reference from morality. Teachers who declare, “there is no morality”, give moral decrepitude to their own wayward beliefs every time they promote transsexuality, queerness, and the necessary nightmares of drag queens into kindergartener’s heads. More than once, scientific schisms, intellectual riots, and civil protests have been borne out by a corrupt indoctrination of immoral thinking and a physically authorized state of sub-human deficiency (slavery). At the very time when small children are softest and feeling most vulnerable, they apply trephination into their cognitive minds and splatter their bloody operation of death over all of life. Scholarship aside, teachers hold system ballast to the silent torpedo which sinks them.

A(2) Philosophically and psychologically, the greatest fault of the American education system has been its failure to transmit (in child-heeding terms) the true nature of reconcilable things — sparing the investigation and misgivings of sapient weakness — toward a greater sense of holistic being. Too casually, someone’s feint observation of the world and its reflective model for survival sends mixed messages of ultimate relevance and design. There is a duality in every situation, whether that be a reason for any life to overcome or come the reckoning of purpose for one’s own personal life. Not every plan can be well-thought; conversely few barriers are ever indomitable. How can ‘history’ be taught in suspension of the truth? How can ‘honor’ be organized in the unwise? Just as the sign on the highway bids to direct travelers to their proper destination: ‘Keep Right’, all children, all peoples, and all institutions must act smartly and virtuously to create a righteous (right-thinking) world.

Once pondered frequently, and positioned close to educational focus, morality is more than just a system of reconciled grievances and worrisome table manners. Morality brings a reason to recognize any reason of aforethought and non-passive logic. Schools reign largely in their conscription to groupthink; singularly frosting out the faithful service of one — left only to anger-judge the maxim, “Intelligence is no protection against ignorance”. Seeing thus, we un-see the light that is apparent before us. There awhile, we post that facial expression of a deer caught in harsh headlights, unmoved, staring warily at imminent unfathomed danger (the truth). Seeing is meaningless without inner sight. Decades of altar boys being abused, millions of dollars paid out in court settlements, a remnant of stalwart religious stand evasive the call to “order” — whose high-fidelity-vision is lost for a church set afar from set reform. See again a High Priesthood, still a Pope who pays little mind to cleansing the temple, or removing the exchangers from around the shady columns, or making shewbread of the taste-worthy and freshly anointed.

A(3) There is nothing that a teacher hates more than a child who shines brightly … like there is no one that a society eviscerates more than an intelligent fellow who tries to make good on the cost of virtue. Woe the child in dissolve of sprite-ness and an early read. Starting in elementary school and on the playground, the taunting puts a strange stilting on the naturally speedy. Those with legs make those without — stealing the spirit of motion from their limbs as sure as polio of old. Fused in unfortunate accident with the providential, the growing child must still claw his way, tethered, to become ‘king of the hill’. Later, against the ever-present storm of employment, he must fight against the boss’s affront and every sleight overlook for promotion. Every street outlaw must dig his spurs like saddle sores into the sides of the superior racer, and whip the blessings of his equine brother. Tall over short, beauty over ugliness, cleverness and dishonesty over integrity and kind courtesy; the power of vanity peers thinly-veiled within the shelter of jungle law. The mother bird moves in satiety of the preference-fed before ever heeding the pangs and starvation-hunger of the precedence-earned.

A(4) Sociologists have long recognized the biases people possess, wittingly or unwittingly, even those academically trained to be deferential to others (i.e., teachers). Because young boys are often by their nature perpetually restless and playful-oriented, they learn best (most easily) by touching and doing. They are sometimes pegged, as a consequence, with having ADHD or some other impulsive-driven brain disorder, then drugged into silent solemnity. Whereas, little girls, already predisposed to exhibit polite- rewarding calmness, learn quickly to follow teachers’ commands and act in seemingly willing manner. This tends to bless them by progress of age acquisition: teacher’s pet, clique attention-gatherers, scholastic siphon, best awarded (e.g. valedictorian), and finally blessed college graduate (Bryant, 2022). The percentage of black female graduates, for example, is much higher than for black males, and the difference between the two groups only increases with each college level of achievement (The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, 2022). Psycho-analyzing this boy-girl dichotomy of treatment deeper reveals several other possible emanations:

  1. Female teachers may feel resentful about being “trapped” in a primarily women-dominated profession – occasionally taking out that frustration on the weaker, more raucous male members of the class;
  2. In general, they may blame society and nature for speciously appreciating all males instantly from birth, or so it is believed;
  3. In balance, they compensate girls more ardently with academic assistance and offer the graces of hierarchal favors.

So will it then, of a nine-year old boy, prodigious in math and technology, having won a simple school award for computer challenges, must now beg everyone’s pardon, as the principal spouts out at the ceremony, “Why didn’t a girl win this?” A human dilemma and a psychiatric burden is thus placed on an innocent child to make universal reparation for his sexual indiscretion.

The privilege of entitlement is further enthroned, and conveniently taken for granted, for blacks and other American-born minorities to be used against whites (rich and poor) and other races in ordination of special placement (advanced training) in high school acceptance and subsequent scholarships for exclusive colleges and universities. Racial preference (equity) is imposed for medical schools, as a prime example, even though the percentage of students-matriculated for Asians, Blacks, and Whites respectively are only plus or minus 3% off the statistical mean of 41%, and Whites almost exactly average (Shemmassian Academic Consulting, 2023). Recent competition from Asians and other non-American-born residents have brought about objections to these discriminatory favors (to little avail or too small challenge). Civil rights lawsuits have arisen in Virginia and elsewhere by the families of children who were deliberately kept in the dark about their qualifications and racially passed over (Deliso & Guevara, 2023). Don’t worry; even if ever caught, the next step in this bias gimmick has already been planned: to overload and underweight the preliminary testing respectively, thereby making their efforts appear less accomplished (i.e., disassembling the SAT and other scoring standards). To counter such illegal actions, a universal fairness policy should be suitably instituted.

  1. A return of encouragement to full family sustainment and academic support;
  2. Achievement by recognized meritocracy only;
  3. Favoritism, if necessary, must be measured and extend only from the circumstances of birth, induced natural handicap, age disability, or some other (catastrophic) affliction causing serious harm or incapacity.

Unless American schools and colleges take the equitable stand of voiding all prejudiced admission standards; that is, systemic racism (sexism, ethnicism, etc.), then the corresponding high level of attainment needed as a system provider of labor and driver of capitalism (discussed in the next section) will cease to have foundational impetus.

A(5)  Poised in wealth and self-aggrandizement, college administrators are always proposing new classes and topics, such as communism, Taylor Swift, and pornography, as legitimate fields of study for accreditation and/or personal (not health-wise) gratification (Mathur, 2022). Their justification is usually explained by some reference to critical thinking. Lectures often encourage students to protest socially, to harass their neighbors, sometimes even to attack anyone who doesn’t agree with their political point of view. Does a student in one of their overly-furnished lecture halls have the right to turn his eyes (ears or back) on the instructor (unpunished) whose session he deems sexually, politically, or morally offensive? Colleges know that credit-accommodation and diploma-seeking give deadweight to a student body being pushed over Niagara Falls in a fragile economic barrel.

What mal-adjustment next can society expect: naked men walking into girls’ locker rooms? Too late. Every-day-people cursing and arguing openly in the streets, then pulling out guns and start shooting wildly? Again, too late. Police and first responders being harassed, then mowed down by gangs serving as the vigilantes of justice and the fire-starters of neighborhood ghetto renewal? Queerly-painted clowns frightening little kids and parents in reconnaissance of family-friendly parks and pools? Politicians singing and dancing to a hip-hop routine, laughing to the music of our foreign enemies? High- class businesspeople forcefully dealing in transactions gangster-like style, beating the heads of their competitors? Continue teaching the children to hate the ‘Christian’ establishment of morality and to kill the ‘white’ light of truth lest our beloved “darkness” die.

A(6)  Set in these testing times – unbrushed – score it fine to browbeat children and re-forge their minds into weaponized ammunition for a phony war bent on academic bitchiness, just as long as it forwards the dissolution of America and the disintegration of the natural and biological order. “Safe learning” for the lesbians, the masochists, and the pedophiles (Russell, Bishop, Saba, & James, 2021), but no safe learning for the normal children to grow up even-keeled, free of assault from drag queens, ‘pet’ groomers, and medical referrals aimed at turning innocent children via dangerous drugs and re-massaged flesh into soulless animals and mutilated Frankensteins. Sarcastically churning, “love ye one another” in prepubescent meditation; an incestuous orgy ahead to curb the travail of teen deformity.

A(7)  Studies initiated more than a dozen years ago (McCabe, 2010) have shown that more than 90% of students admit to having cheated, which is a rate that has only increased over time. Over the years in several states (e.g. Georgia) teachers have been caught assisting in the cheating of students’ answers on scantron sheets.  Liberals will steadfastly deny until their (America’s) dying day that trying to instill students with a sense of right or wrong or other hallmarks of exemplary ethical behavior is beneficial to their overall scholarship and student performance. As for displaying the Ten Commandments, pledging allegiance to the flag (as in days of old), or abiding by an honor code of faithful service and national fidelity (as in some military academies), these are all considered passé now. Modern offerings for appropriate behavior are modeled on the activist goal: kill or be killed, posted in graffiti type on the walls of a Thunderdome/Mad Max post-civilized world.

To be fair to those (few) teachers who still do try to teach propriety to children, regardless their strained cultural interest, who try to in-form students through character building and rules of ethics, the teaching of civics, even history and the arts, they must now sublimate their actions to the exclusive pursuit of STEM (science, technology, etc.) subjects. That’s assuming they can find the time and resources after bringing up to speed so many poorly-educated illegal students who are entitled to the same attention (better actually) than the children of American-born, tax-paying families. As a consequence, students naturally feel depressed about the future, and also disappointed with themselves when compared to foreign-educated students. Perennial training sessions for teachers bid them “respond” to these problems by concentrating primarily on diversity training and referring to “fairness”, but only in respect of deviants or in the simulated equity of properly using the right pronouns. Giving children guns by which to shoot their spiritual character is not “fairness”. Instead of seeking the betterment of educational standards, session trainers simply “share” their feelings on and bigotry for society’s persistent male-dominated, Western (logically oriented) form of thinking.

By the despising of wisdom and the fouling of ethical standards, unaddressed hearts of waifs remain orphaned to future love, and bereft any homespun comfort weave. Economically speaking, what product worth would you place on children who have been demagogued, psychologically traumatized, visually and bodily tormented? Short of their ability to make trouble, what shall be the market commodity value of these “goods” — being all stamped ‘void’ or cradle swapped for trolls with “bad” manners; and who have been deliberately trained to be unthinking, unfeeling, self-serving, and practically dysfunctional? No wonder corporations seek out highly-interested, much more time-invested, human crested, and better-cultured foreign workers over American graduates.

A(8)  The first generation has in sight the flashing comet, which the second generation is stunned to recognize, and the third embraces with casual wonder and dispatched expectation. Within three generations, the secular humanists, sadistic socialists, and the molesting fascists have succeeded in creating what they promised would never happen: schooled hedonists and addled drug addicts tricking and pimping out their pagan rides to idol (idle) rampage. Thus, the heavenly stage has been set, and a reflection awaits in hindsight. Though the first child did not beget it, and the parents served only as conduits … having now evil ingrained within; discounted upon at last (judgement), must necessitate from the sky the same dominions walk-through and the same Sodom and Gomorrah response.

A(9)  Caretakers (and pallbearers) of these children shall not escape a special condemnation. Parading to the drums of so-called experts, they, who will not reconstitute their workdays for one second to complete their infant-to-adult bodybuilding, have scheduled a fateful place on the altar stones for tenderized child sacrifice. Do not think that law enforcement pursues only car thieves and murderers, kidnappers and rapists. Righteous judgement descends upon the senseless as well, who cross over the barbed wire of posted moral (mortal) warning. A spoiled child is as terrible sight inside as a physically abused child is on the outside.

Make amends while time remains. “Balance” is the answer in most cases: rebuke when necessary, reward when deserving, avert whenever possible. Too many parents abstain from child-raising; let the early years pass without corporeal steering and trimming, which would make the precocious model ‘cake-walk’ the ramp of life’s fashion display. Over time the training attention may be reversed, giving the displaying young adults more tolerance and leniency. In a simple analogy of arms fulfilling the geometric angle, tis easier to keep the spreading lines together closest to its vertex — keeping deflection low and giving signaled travel vector. By the slightest of force is early childhood restrained (and dire habits unformed); later, then, by the innermost tap on the reins, impression pauses the urge to wander.

A(10)  Accepting the proposition that ‘children must be taught to hate’, why stop there — taught to steal, to fight, to kill, whatever? Should parents have been blamed after Katrina or Ferguson: looting as the opportunity presented itself, always taking “evil” matters into their forever shameless sin-shackled hands? With no real fear of being captured, the autumn winds leave scattered the raked gatherings. Fever without favor, society must hold in check what the conscience can’t.

A(11)  After witnessing the sophistry of today’s indoctrination ills, naively does anyone hold out hope that the tech-savvy will save everyone’s futures? Will the keenly attuned still have ‘patriot’ song to stand? What shall be their means of interjecting meaning? The passing away of the nation due to a passing out doses of savagery and brutality. They have hijacked generations of our flighty children, ushered them forward, handcuffed and duct taped, to form rows of human shielding.

The legacy of Man is the vacuous-ness of his mind and the hollowness of his heart. Sighing in desecration of a spent academic system, therefor the personal casting of younger teachers trying to mold the latest generation, preventing them from becoming every bit the sadistic monsters and enslavers that their Masters were.

A(12)  Forwarding the rights and responsibilities of parents and children (bearing in mind, for every right, there is a responsibility):

  1. That both parents shall not be actively and concurrently involved in the military or some other dangerous field, or participate in any occupation simultaneously which on a regular basis, or on assigned occasions, place their lives in mortal jeopardy (having seen such tragedies multiplied);
  2. That marriage between a man and a woman (becoming husband and wife) shall be a presumed optimum for child raising. In the event of a separation, no divorce shall be implicated which might disenfranchise a child from either parent and their reasonable abiding families, or through some devious design cause that child to disinherit those persons or items of property to which that child is entitled and has become deservedly accustomed;
  3. That there shall be no physical acts punishment of any normal child beyond the age of ten; but should it become effected, shall never impart serious harm, draw blood, or impair any body function (as also expressly forbidden by family honor and community standing);
  4. That it is the duty of parents (or guardian agents in conjunction) to enlist the child into whatever program or school system appropriate for that age level, or in any other desired training suitable to that child’s capacity based on maturing factors of sensible logic and traditional behavior;
  5. That it is the duty of children to learn from and obey their parents (who assume all reasonable stewardship over them); not ever to relieve by choice or by disparagement full tender of family submission to them;
  6. No child shall be denied the privilege of childhood, abiding as per maturity grants credence and society gives sanction, subject to no forced engagement in profanity, unnatural sex, illegal acts, or any other conscription of immoral latitude.

A(13)  To that degree analysts can discern it, and budgets can afford it, each child and each genre of ‘child’ with special education needs should be given extraordinary assistance, even if this entails expanding the concept of ‘special’ treatment. Per analogy of just one qualifying ‘special’ distinction: most male infants arrive into this world “premature” in the sense of being ‘unfinished’ (insufficient) emotionally and psychologically; and remain so essentially until the time a governing-culture gives purpose and meaning to their lives. By contrast, female children, in accordance with their living inertia and social fit, arrive blessed … already having and knowing, or soon to know, that place of respect and satisfying honor conditioned for them — regardless of required effort or forthcoming earning, by virtue of their gender or simply in the appreciated course of rendering themselves eligible for childbirth. Upon this matter, then, this different state of existence, there can be no “equality of start”, given that the needs of boys require a far greater initial push than the needs of girls.

A(14)  “Facts of life” are not so much important as the “facets of life”. Just as psychiatry might be translated as ‘practicing psychology’, a prospective class should be interjected as a kind of ‘practicing sociology’. Students would be taught to discern people’s motives, society’s hidden agenda and biases, government’s ill-turning on its own axis far from realistic forces. Personality deceptions can be discerned through real-life anecdotes, popular books, television, and movies, and from everyday experience. Social and political lessons should be drawn and countermeasures (virtually) applied. The class-takeaway or test from this exercise, after viewing, say, one take of a flirtatiously enticing commercial, would be to assess the student’s ability to overcome the commercial’s appealing distractions.

Other beneficial projects have already been proposed elsewhere. For the (latter) high school days and early community college introduction:

  1. Financial (economic) preparation (e.g., getting a job, buying a car, building up credit, participating in the stock market)
  2. Civil and study areas (e.g., time management, social conviviality, civic involvement, voting)
  3. Logic and common sense (reading critically, organizing and planning, reengineering ideas).

Much of this would typically be incorporated within some form of decision or situational ethics. What has mostly been missing sequentially from the educational side are the honing of its voluntarily-imposed breakout points. A simple demonstration pulled from Responsibility Accounting would be to give an internal accountant expanded powers to:

  • After noting and turning in an examination report, referencing collusion or some other faulty principles, but rebuffed, thence uncorrected by the executives, shall certify (stamp) the final earned formal summary of ‘discharge report by management order’;
  • Define the chain of command (thus exposited) by position and personal-office responsibility;
  • Identify all personnel by name if involved in illegal acts of retribution against this report or in the event of coverup.

Nevermore should ‘personal morality’ failure invent an ‘active principles’ failure inciting a failure of the entire practitioner’s program. As it is in business dealings without “credit”, all castings of services or future delivery of goods thereupon should be regulated as though in performance of a promissory note.

A(15)  During the initial stages of technology use in schools, every child should partake freely, within the guidelines of strong instructive hands. At some point, however, both the constructive (primary) and recreational (secondary) uses of technology should become the tool of the deserving. Given that an overwhelming emphasis on computer application too early in life may hamper children’s developing communication skills, creative analysis, even a mastery of numbers, a corresponding tracking system should be installed to match achievement (progress) with maturity (award).

A(16)  If education per se is to have a future … in an age of rapidly changing technology, sinking slowly into the pedagogical bog …, it should be mainframed as something akin to a child playing on her bike after school: free and frolicking, with scarcely a notice that she is coming to grips with strides of speed and balancing skills, nonchalantly improving her motoring techniques, and conversing in joint sameness with like friends. Without specifying every order or aspect of acquisition, some general guidelines for seasoned instruction would suggest:

  • All learning must involve some exertion of both mental fascination and physical calibration; every scientific investigation should incorporate the theoretical (fanciful);
  • All subject matter should be primarily keyed, whenever possible, to the appropriate stage of that particular child’s bearing of age and area development, be that language, the wood-blocks of reasoning, civility markers, and setting the walls of moral discipline … that, too, allowing social courtesy and scientific presence of mind to be the capture net;
  • Covet each work-effort like a summer playground, but prompted by academics co-mixed with real life practical experience (verification): storytelling over the campfire to stimulate the psychological interests; and a football learning strategy of molding members into a team, acting also together as the enforcement arm;
  • At some point beyond the need for hygiene, comradery, and community assistance, a self-mastery of “aloneness” must be inscribed.

An allegorical reference can be made to the movies, pursuant to the ultimate end-goal, it prevails upon a message “when the student becomes the master” … when the student expands her own personal scope of discovery and starts making her own contribution to human knowledge.

A(17)  Since local universities and community colleges typically broker the link to knowledge that inquiring students need (intent on bringing additional contribution), and to touch the frontiers of scientific advancement, herein is a suggested schedule of metaphysical outreach that should be designed for entry-way procedures, moving in both directions, with proper protocol.

  • Students, teachers, technicians should always assist the (less-than-able) community to become knowledge-worthy, to gain access to all literary, academic, and scientific information, as deemed publicly prudent and relevant to the requests of said community.
  • Whenever possible, should assist in any community discussion (as formalized beforehand), allowing the projection of any principle, theory, or application admitted, so as to give an unbiased review to the discussion and bring a possible prospectus thereof (to be delivered as warranted).
  • In action, this would imply:
  • That no one teacher or faculty member shall have the right to deny the expressions of any individual concerning the academic system; nor the right to reject the individual’s proposal for improvement or augmentation to the system out of hand.
  • That the members of any one scientific field shall not act in total disregard of any other field (possibly related or not); nor act with indifference toward outside opinion (expert or not), against the ultimate goal of universal cooperation and mutual scientific progress.
  • Whenever possible, (they) should always assist in the betterment of every beneficent endeavor, particular as it might bring clarification or a rise in the level in educational and instructional material.
  • That for this purpose, a National Standards Board (not already in existence) shall be established for each field of scientific study and historical preservation.
  • That no one teacher or group of teachers shall approve the publication preemption of any one book (or perceived natural truth) before its due; shunting or applauding its indoctrination with aforethought or malice. Thereupon, critical examination and agreement shall establish a condensed guide or textbook (entry), subject to peer review by each respective field (academic society), making periodic revisions as necessary over time.
  • That no single group of teachers/adjuncts shall participate in the publication of an alternative version of previously (above) standardized material, guide, or textbook. Questions should be directed toward the Standards Board and the rest of the scientific establishment.
  • That in the event of an irreconcilable conflict in material or procedure, the public community at large shall be allowed to key in with an opinion and help to settle crucial irregularities in educational means and presentational format.
  • That every attempt shall be made to publish and make available to the public all new results of research or any change in teaching methods before these enter contractually into the educational process; moreover, the mode and style of every subject’s presentation shall be categorized concisely and presented as simply as possible without sacrificing accuracy or losing basic concept in translation.
  • That the use of symbols and legends shall be codified and strictly limited by index indicators; that the use of abbreviations or acronyms which might distort communication and hamper understanding shall be closely managed/monitored and kept at a minimum.
  • That no teacher shall be considered in aura of incompetence unless given to measure against rigorous and continual training; likewise, no student shall be considered unteachable, rather merely in need of expedited special training. Both instances may require additional public support (monetary or otherwise). Conversely, a teacher, which by the consensus of students is considered excellent, shall be studied and modelled; and that a student which by the consensus of teachers is considered gifted, shall be encouraged further into excitable modes; and so, both instances may warrant additional credit (monetary or otherwise).
  • That conferences shall be held regularly in order to ascertain the current state of the social scientific environment, and to suggest more improvements to these systems such as would be logical and beneficial.

A(18)  All classrooms, hallways, offices, entrances, and exits should have continuous eye-in-the-sky (ceiling) monitoring, not just for protection against intrusion, but for evidence of student misbehavior, aggressive bullying (against either students or teachers), reckless group activity, inappropriate dress or stage of dressing, inadequate/inappropriate teacher performance, claims of civil rights complaints, emergency situations, and distressing incidences. As school conditions permit, accounts of the same subject, having proximity level and similar existent production, should link their classes together technically, with their assignments listed singly but coordinated in multiply, across a variety of school systems and jurisdictions, so as to bring security, efficiency, and an assurance of lesson quality. Students who fail to attend these scheduled sessions unexcused shall lose educational privileges and points toward accreditation and eventual graduation. At some disturbing point of concern, parent(s) will be summoned to appear in person — to answer about the student, to question the administration, and to proffer suggestions. Parents who are unmoved or who fail to participate shall be penalized in the same sense and potential harm as blocking emergency response to an accident. Variations in the manner and presentation of the synchronized broadcasts are possible through prearranged administration approval. Appropriate punishment shall be meted out to instructors who unapprovingly vary from the lesson’s topic and enactment (this being of a technical nature pertinent to the course).

A(19)  Equivalent to the need for safeguarding school children from intrusion, attack, and random gun violence, is the provision for protecting every child from intrusion by queers and drag queens, sex maniacs, pedophiles, masochists, and others of that ilk. There should be no disgusting displays by discordant teachers or preaching of vile habits that might bring about uninvited exposure to any vice causing psychological violence against the souls of innocent children. Morality-bending shall not be permitted from any student or teacher. Nor shall any ideology or doctrine be taught or addressed which attempts to defile, sexually groom, mutilate, or lead away students into another aberrant direction. For this purpose, every state and every county should have its own Department of Education personnel investigator. A teacher charged with any of the above defilements or molestations shall be immediately put on suspension until thoroughly cleared. The state office itself must have its own internal investigator to regulate its own conformity and to make sure all discoveries of violations are thoroughly examined, free of bribery and laxity, and punished if necessary.

A(20)   To counter socialism and the Radical Left’s devious ways of circumventing moral law, a call of prohibition should be established against the nihilist ideology overturning sobriety, integrity, and suitable appearance in the classroom. Crude and defiant dress, much like work attitude, no longer became optional or discretionary once the teacher signed in execution of a professional contract to act in a courteous manner and to treat students and parents with consideration and respectful service. Knowing (as a sidestepping tactic) that any teacher who enters a classroom on Monday morning in front of sympathetic students, limping or with a cast on, will probably be asked by concerned students, “Oh, that’s so sad; what happened?” a parry can then be made to discuss personal issues. Of similar enticement, any teacher or assistant (staff) may equip themselves to divert students’ attention away from educational matters to discuss political, social, sexual matters inappropriate for the classroom. By passing a “Remarkable Clause” amendment, no teacher, assistant, librarian, or staff, nor any child, shall be allowed to enter an appearance queerly dressed, fantastically tattooed, or pinned throughout the body with mis-colored or misshapen appendages, grossly deformed features, unnatural add-ons; nor shall they be spitting forth evocative phrases and scandalous words, flouting basic norms, and tinging themselves outwardly as egotistical or outrageous. Defiance of this clause shall constitute breach of contract for the staff and a justification of suspension for the child. The pure of thought have a place in the classroom, the prurient of heart do not. If a deviating minority can be offended by a casual single word or accidentally misplaced pronoun, then far greater the offense intentionally dispensed by fiends in the baneful hope of creating social ruination. No sexual topic should be discussed between any teacher and student under ten years of age not otherwise authorized by the parent(s) and a family-qualified medical doctor. Programs designated by course scheduling to be in timely and appropriate discussion of sexual matters shall not start before the age of eleven and must be regularly approved by the parent through the age of fifteen.

Furthermore, no child less than twelve years of age shall presume to take on any pretense of greater maturity, or be laced with adulterated debasement. Persons so appearing shall be reported immediately to the parent/guardian and referred to the health department and social services. If it be determined that such mannerisms and appearance have been coaxed or inspired by a non-representative parent/guardian, then the case should be submitted as child abuse. Suspension shall be in effect for the child for as long as the amendment is defied or until settlement occurs.

A(21)   Set to occur at least once each and every semester (i.e., fall and spring), the parent(s) would have to attend their child’s classes through a majority of the day — shifting the scheduled sequence per term, so as to observe the interacting routines of every class, to conference with the teachers, and later on in closed session with the principal. The parents, acting alone, or as part of a larger Parents-Teachers Association, may request an official session of the School Board. Given a little tax support and generous employer leave, these regular school visits would not pose a great burden on anyone’s budget. Note: two-parent families will not always be allowed to split (share) attendance on class day — an option not available for single-parent families. As before with the other rules, only hardship exemptions apply.

                                              UNFUNDED LIABILITIES OF


B(1)  A commercial assumption is circulated that “open markets” will incite the clamorous  transactions of capitalism, which will in turn avail toward the common good of society. Such a cliché ignores a reality of physics when setting forth the defining parameters of a closed system of animate elements, i.e., living human beings caught in mindful interaction with other individuals. Chemical elements and compounds generally have corresponding reactions which characterize them, dependably relying on the fact, for example, that water freezes at zero degrees Celsius and boils at 100 degrees. Contrast this surmisal with the much-acclaimed, rudimentary notion of the ‘Law of Supply and Demand’ — often graphically depicted as an almost straight line with coordinate modelling of inverse proportion. As shown, an increase (surplus) in supply may induce a decrease (easement) to demand; and contrarily, a decrease (shortage) in supply should induce an increase (attraction) for demand. That assumes

  1. ‘feelings’ for the goods under traction are conjunctively related, and
  2. market ‘affinity’ has an accredited and respective correlation with those goods, much like water has to temperature.

Predators are prey-lusting creatures by definition; but a fat lion that has recently killed and devoured a lame impala may be loathed to attack a dangerous wildebeest lounging by the river in the evening. “Hunger” is an aperture of direction, not a wildfire in urgency of panicky strike or flight. As it is with the establishment of all artificial systems of analogy, once the deterministic forces have been isolated and verified, the framers of the system must also circumscribe the area of involvement and assess the volatility of the parties to engage or conspire. Impersonal factions of people, per illustration, must be prohibited the allowance of arbitrary roaming and material tussling. Individual persons are mindfully aware. Though shoring them with actual restraints of movement, they must still be pressured and stretched beyond the inception (tolerance) for vagrant choice.

To wit, when competing companies stop striving independently, or stop looking to appease or value their customers, when strategies of corporate chieftains move in conjunction and coercion against smaller companies; or move to horde and raise prices artificially, place excise on needed supplies, or compel agencies of the government to grant or resent benefits, force financiers on Wall Street to issue or withhold funding elsewhere, then the parameters of faithful (autonomic) operation have been compromised, even nullified. Seeking unfair advantages, deliberately manufacturing shoddy products, and beseeching third-party influence were never intended to be ongoing functionalities of a simple economic system. Unexpected collateral effects are bound to give cryptic notice of the causes.

B(2)  When a corrupt Congress passes out massive gifts to its political bases, or endeavors to tamper with the money supply, or engages in global dealings of green- and black-market commitments, one of the results is usually inflation. As gasoline prices begin to rise and food costs start to soar beyond the means of the average family, dedicated household providers are still expected to drive to work, pay their mortgages, and provide proper nutrition to their children, even if that incurs a great sacrifice and a substantial decline in the standard of living (or else seek government welfare). Nothing in this economic outline and subsequent family trauma was inevitable or ordered by Nature. Nothing peradventure was extended or extrapolated with precise mathematical calculations. Nothing stressful or disheartening was tidally pending: one wave hitting upon another wave, pushing a collective front forward with tsunami inexorability. All the trial components were man-handled, purposefully manipulated for the special benefit of capital grandmasters or in secret registry of international cabals — amorphously aligned to make it happen. Canny program forces also conspire to belittle or ignore the ‘market’ worth of some of society’s smallest (lowliest) participants:

  1. children and a host of other socially obsequious entities
  2. an environment in deterioration and a Nature in decline
  3. a future society accursed in a depression of “not becoming”.

A refuse of society’s un-salvaged … abide in capitalism’s economic scrapyard.

B(3)      In Accounting, there are intangible assets which endow value to a real asset without the addition of appearance, dimension, or measurable weight. More discretely, substantial value is accrued to a good or asset through abstraction from the natural environment.

  1. Mining        >>>       for minerals, gemstones, amber, etc.
  2. Agriculture         >>>      sunshine, water, for food and other greenery
  3. Transportation         >>>        transpiring to make travel easier over water or more sustainable

                                                   through hydroelectric dams, windmills, solar panels, etc.

Thus coddled, the taste of the steak has been scored without the fat. These ‘stolen’ contributions of labor, material or overhead, unacknowledged and usually unaccounted for, tend to save manufacturers from the cost of making objects from scratch (e.g. artificial diamond versus a real diamond) while adding distinction to its worth (e.g. natural pearls versus cultured pearls). Beyond what is appropriated from nature, products made in Chinese factories by Uyghurs (indentured slaves) cost less than similar products made elsewhere (Cavallaro, 2021). Asian sweatshops that employ child labor bring fracture to a community or nation; similarly, American companies that take advantage of underpaid workers and sometimes illegals, unbeknownst to us, create hidden tolls (taxes) in open border security, police handling of crime, additional uncompensated schooling; even as underpaid resident workers at Walmart may be forced to rely on government welfare, SNAP, or Medicaid just to sustain life for their families. Customers, too, may be input victims whenever substitute products are purchased instead of national brands, only to discover they are not as concentrated or not as effective. Unfair advantage is partaken of the capitalist system whenever market factors are not fully compensated and product features are proprietarily wanton.

B(4)  As declared above, particular companies or a cadre of corrupt executives may collude to create shortages where none exist or artificially tie up logistical lines sending crucial ingredients (e.g. oil, salt or sugar), thereby jacking up the market price for other companies in the supply chain. Wall Street investors and government regulators may act to stonewall funding or to bring a bottleneck to normal production. At the other end, they can initiate artificial demand, install cascading faults in the system, or provide smoke screen for economic staples like housing (bubbles). Open lobbying, string-pulling, and clever behind-the-scenes connivery are nothing new. The wealthy and the better-educated carefully plot domestic trade and pilot foreign exchange to their benefit — laughing as might a football team owner when an overpaid has-been quarterback is tackled and left crippled on the field. They … who venture shamelessly through the gambling halls of high finance, or who love to forage the bloody dark alleys for the latest needed fix, or chalk the pavement of recent losers from last night’s protest rally, … loom forever over the poor and less enabled — getting ever more rich by merely calling out bids, pushing numbers around on a page, or pushing people out of the way; getting swollen heads by hedging inflating claims, bundling the collective sorrows of differential debt, cauterizing the wounds of banded chattel-  mankind. Here, their bastard children stand gloating in the days of un-trying, of not sweating up front their many backdoor deals, fearing only the chance fallout of peasants finding Holy-Grail immortality concealed and embellished within the venerable wine barrel.

 Just a handful (four or five dozen) of America’s richest millionaires have more financial power or actual dollar wealth than half of the entire country’s population (Manskar, 2020). Working subversively (collusively), they control the mainstream channels of communication and entertainment, restrict social media into mocking obeisance, steal government favors, construct and develop wherever paid leaks reveal inside knowledge; seek to bribe politicians and racial activist leaders, make jesters of judges and courtesan hacks of public defenders, progressively moving toward the declination of academic integrity and continued stultification of science. Multi-millionaires and billionaires like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, and, of course, George Soros are always interfering with our economy, our legal system, and public debate, but are never investigated for political influence, owning the regulators, buying off election boards, and overturning voters’ rights in numerous states. Their wealth is their protection. Well-heeled and (used to be) well-respected companies like Coca Cola have conspired insidiously to bribe the FDA to get support for their products. Dark funds have been expensed by various companies to fund the blacklisting of family-concerned organizations and to hire mercenary assassins like the NAACP, the Hispanic Federation, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the BLM, and Antifa, to attack private citizens personally or virtually by labeling any one person or any group who disagrees with their agenda as racists or worse (Menahan, 2023). More physically, they can disrupt their organizational drives or physically torch their headquarters. Parents groups who are simply trying to protect their children’s health are repeatedly hassled by these gangsters just like racketeers did years ago to neighborhood restaurants. Remedying these corporate evil acts from the inside might involve:

  1. Delimiting all compensation, even for the CEO, to be in proportion to workload carried (as judged by equivalent mid-level management);
  2. Restricting resources for all departments for the upcoming year until a full accounting of terminal cash flow is made for the prior year: where the rain of money ends, the cash flow will usually be caught going underground;
  3. Imposing external and internal sanctions on any company found guilty of misusing corporate assets, assuaging leadership’s preoccupation with political propaganda or trying to influence social morality issues, applying cutthroat business tactics, manipulating the market, polluting the environment, or engaging in global plundering.

All such violations of business ethics shall be equated to profaning, hence defaulting on, the concept of (independent) corporate entity, making their executives subject to civil and personal liability and risking company names be stricken from the stock market registry. A financial warning sign of detachment shall  take effect for future operations until the company has made sufficient restitution.

Within the course of normal business, should conditions force price increases or additional levies, equitable tracking should be made of customers by income class. No greater burden or apportioned duty shall be exacted against the poorest of the social classes until a quantification shows a marked improvement in the living standards of its referenced providers (e.g. farmers, factory workers).

B(5)  Every greenback currently being printed is a counterfeit dollar in the making. Historically, every nation whose monetary basis relied essentially on fiat money, meaning the printing of currency without the backing of a valuable holding, like gold or silver, has eventually suffered hyperinflation, default, and inevitable bankruptcy (Bukhari, 2021). Ongoing vitality of the American economy depends mainly on the relative poverty of the other nations in the global community. By yielding sovereignty to the American dollar, these other nations hope that a blessing of mutual goodwill will cover their own individual sins of economic gracelessness. Surely China, Saudi Arabia, and a few other countries would love to make their monetary units (e.g. the Yuan) the new standard, thereby pulling the rug out from under the U.S. dollar and making the national debt overwhelming. Defraying this impulsive desire is the fear that it would leave most nations, not just the U.S., like cities floating on air — in appearance like Hindenburg blimps —, awaiting only the explosive cry of a lost “humanity”. Nevertheless, having the real thing (gold or silver) in your treasure chest is no guarantee of safe-keeping. For years the Federal Reserve Banks have been transferring gold from one bullion bank to another, upon whose displacement causes moderation in gold prices. By “satelliting” gold’s presence this way, as though hovering ‘in a cloud’, there is no way to confirm gold’s single resting place (be that London, Switzerland, or wherever). Any one nation’s “holding” may not be in actual deposit. Unless an investor tangibly holds gold bars in stock or coins in hand, the only clear ownership is by temporal title in legal conveyance. Much like the accounting scheme known as “channel (inventory) stuffing”, both companies may enhance their profile in (virtual) principle: on the balance sheet for the buyer and on the income statement for the seller. Few gold reserve locations (e.g., Fort Knox) actually allow audits (eyeball confirmation) of their holdings (Sound Money Defense League, 2023). The Bank of England (London) has historically acquired much of its gold deposits for security reasons from other nations in distress.

B(6)  Looking at corporate capitalism up close reveals its insincerity and lack of organizational integrity. It is with trite dubiousness to say that mid-level officers actually manage their day-to-day operations well in the manufacturing or retail sectors, either for their working staff or for the public. Most common goods are flimsily made and easily broken/torn. Place of manufacture aside (e.g. China), appliances seldom perform as reliably as advertised. Vitamins and supplements rarely contain the right ingredients in the right proportion as seen on the label. Often shorted by quantity packaged and strength promised, little is ever done to correct the problem since the government is not required to approve such over-the-counter items (FDA Consumer Update, 2022). Contributory harm can occur through misuse of the product, or even approved use if not sufficiently studied by age, race, sex, etc.

Serious lack of managerial oversight becomes evident in simple matters such as packaging and bundling, thereby deflating customer trust. Often during inflationary times, or just as a cost-saving (fooling) measure, the bottle size is reduced or the number of units contained within a carton or package is diminished, while maintaining the same purchase price. An eight-pack suddenly becomes a six-pack. A 3-liter bottle of soda becomes 2.75 liters, eventually working its way down to a standard 2-liter bottle. Were it just a matter of size, that would be problematic enough, but the soda or the liquid concentrate of detergent may become diluted or more watered down. A family size bag of chips used to reference an appropriate family-size requesting 22 ounces, then 18 ounces, then 15, then 12, and now it’s down to 7.5 ounces. Soon it will be small enough to fit into a variety pack. Baked goods, boxed by the dozen, when shaken, scarcely fill out their carriers or easily settle on one side. Corporate management at some of these companies never seem to consider utility either: the size, shape, and ease of use seldom reflecting customer needs or expected utility. Poorly-presented packaging and wrapping includes plastic bottles that won’t sit flat on an even table or gurgle when poured, although making the bottle opening a mere few millimeters larger would remedy this mess. Only about half of (formerly) tin cans have an easy-to-open pop-top, leaving many tuna fish and soup buyers with weak or arthritic hands to struggle with manual (or hopefully working electric) can-openers. Many items that could be packaged in plastic containers or canisters still use glass jars, which should be reserved only for those products whose reactive properties or need for airtightness require its application. Bottled jelly, for example can be purchased in glass jars or in squeezable plastic form. Other issues, which might seem trivial, include sandwich (cracker) packs with either too much or too little paste or resin bonding them closed. Pump aerosol sprays that can’t be primed beneath half-full. Such “rookie” mistakes don’t just plague new companies displaying novel products, but decades-old businesses which should know better, but apparently don’t care anymore. Some intentional perpetrators include Pepsi Cola, Ritz, and Van De Camp. Far more important than taking personnel classes or lessons in stress management, some portion of officer compensation, or of the company’s advertising/promotional budget, should be spent listening to customer complaints.

B(7)   We are all aware of the ‘black’ market, which is selling/trading without legal license; but an equally perfidious exchange is the ‘grey’ market, which is selling without moral conscience. Uncounted millions of (poor) Americans suffer each day with medical problems which may have an actual remedy, or at least easing treatment, just outside their income bracket. Thus, the cure is never explained to them or its treatment never relayed to them by modest doctors, well aware the patients couldn’t afford them anyway. Part and parcel of being poor is being lied to by governments; being shunted from the path of knowledge by capitalists, even by well-meaning individuals like doctors with silent intentions. Into that gap come the grey marketeers offering over-the-counter solutions, virtually useless physical aids, or fancy electronic gadgetry (quackery). We have all seen advertised those foot exercise machines whose use is guaranteed to restore blood flow, the laser headgear that is supposed to grow hair, cross-strapped heating pads meant to straighten the spine, those stomach vibrators that are supposed to help you trim fat off your waistline. Chemically, new products enter the market every day. Some actually gain certification (government approval); for example, Viagra, without bringing a cure, only partial temporary remedy, and whose effectiveness may wane over time. Others have been around for decades (e.g. Rogaine) and often have “promising” ingredients (Minoxidil) which are quickly copied by numerous other products, even though they have been shown to be only marginally effective. Many of these market offerings, from their enticing introduction onward, are described as unequaled cure-alls — wonder products commanding, quite correspondingly, a substantial charge for miracles. Modern versions of hair-growth products, like Nutrafol, brag about containing only drug-free ingredients, meaning non-prescription and therefore safe ingredients. The secret is, science has long known that supplements like Biotin and Saw Palmetto “grow hair”; which can easily be purchased much cheaper unto themselves. What is carefully unannounced in the advertising is that these supplements do not promote “new hair growth” for people who are bald or rapidly balding. If any of these formulas had actually worked over the past forty or fifty years or so, would we ever see bald movie stars on the screen or hairless politicians struggling to attract crowds of admirers on the campaign trail … both groups of whom can afford to pay millions for a treatment? Would there still exist the more reliable and far more expensive procedure of hair transplantation? A muted commentary on suspect science tells of a man who transgenders over to become a woman, only to complain about still losing his hair.

None of this after-knowledge brings any comfort to the average (low-income) customer who is often fooled or forced into buying these worthless products out of longsuffering desperation. Whether it be better nutrition (e.g. Balance of Nature), more energy (e.g. Superbeets), a better memory (Neuriva), overall vitality (Nugenix), or relief from joint pain (Relief Factor), well-known celebrities and dazzlingly healthy doctors implore you to try them risk-free (not counting the side-effects). For all the world, some of these commercials make the promised laying-on of hands on stage and the home deliveries of miraculous-healing spring water sound totally believable. Nothing has changed since the Medicine Show days of Snake Oil salesmen, only the spectacular selling technique and the even more greedy market managers getting markedly rich off the cruel scams.

B(8) In terms of satisfaction of business performance and service, recollect the history of a company like KFC, whose unique blend of spices and flavors originally made “Kentucky” Fried Chicken and Colonel Sanders household names. As the years passed, and the number of restaurants proliferated, it seemed as though that original batch of spicy flavors was also being spread (adulterated) away. Competitors benefitting from copying the company’s bucket deals or various menu offerings soon forced KFC’s products (in response) to slip below par. Gone were their special taste and crispy appearance, the biscuits no longer beautifully brown and soft-baked. Bits of kernels instead of corn-on-the-cob. Awkwardly, even the “sweet” tea barely deserved its name. Maybe it was only location observance, but looking back with personal fond remembrance, neither product worth nor customer satisfaction, as theoretically anticipated and economically prophesized, was enhanced by extensive experience or competitive rivalry … toward inevitable market growth. [Second company: Toys R Us]

B(9)  Store associates often prepossess a retail work location with a stressed-out atmosphere even without economically-depressing times. So much so, they don’t bother to keep the milkshake machine or the oven sanitarily clean, the kitchen bug-free, or the dining room floors clean and clear of traffic hazards. Thinking sympathetically about it, if signs must be printed up telling workers to “please wash your hands after use” in the bathroom, then management probably isn’t training employees with the proper procedures. Preserving union cooperation and insuring healthy behavior beforehand might improve customer relations and avert the need for strained bargaining agreements. One can only imagine what conditions must be like in (some) overseas franchises where standards of public health barely exist. A company must declare its decorum, its integrity, its critical self wherever it operates.

B(10)  From the days of this nation’s settlement, when escaping Europeans first crossed the Atlantic to a sacred and bountiful land, we have been blessed with verdant valleys, green meadows, fruitful trees and vines, and ultimately … golden harvests. Time and capitalism soon encouraged the developers to denude the forests, clear the mountainsides, and ransack the future children’s parkland. As Americans, we feel ourselves entitled: ‘free’ to build homes unchecked, to pave lots into parking barrenness, to commercialize and memorialize everything in stone and concrete. More deserving peoples (natives) were removed and more suitable creatures than us were displaced just to make ‘room’ for our slovenly ways and insatiable habits. Descendants of past pioneers should remember the ‘unnatural’ drought of the last century and its accompanying Dust Bowl. Bad land management, followed by deeper furrows and even shallower prayers, did not garner field-mercy from either the mortgage banks or from the cloudless heavens. The skies would not open for them then; pray now the eyes of economic oversight, and forgiveness, shall not always remain shut.

Seasonal Sense:

Spring – study whilst passing through its initial phases … prospects still ahead

Summer – study during its heyday … engrossed in favors and suspected faults

Fall – study whilst moving into decline … problems and odds of transformation

Winter – study during its wane and death throes … reclamation or dissolution


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