The Damage of Circulating Spike Proteins

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Understanding determinants of COVID-19 vaccinated induced myocarditis

One of the toughest questions I had on my interview with Joe Rogan in 2021 was “Dr. McCullough, if the COVID-19 vaccines are so bad, how come everybody doesn’t die after taking them?” While as naïve and ridiculous as it sounds, its a good question and brings up the goal of epidemiology: to study of the distribution and determinants of disease. Roughly 15% of vaccine recipients develop a health problem after taking a COVID-19 vaccine (Zogby, 2022) based on the lot number (proxy for mRNA quantity or contaminants), susceptibility, and pre-existing disease (e.g. inherited blood clotting disorder). No young person should be hospitalized after taking a COVID-19 vaccine since that outcome far outweighs any theoretical benefit of the injections.

Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard School of Medicine, had 13 young boys and 3 girls hospitalized with myocarditis and available for study. Yonker et al found all the subjects had large quantities of free circulating Spike protein generated from the vaccines while control subjects without myocarditis did not.

The Spike protein they had evaded the apparently sufficient library of antibodies that were supposed to neutralize it. Thus, it is possible that some persons do not make specific neutralizing antibodies after injection, and thus, the Spike protein is able to circulate and damage the body, specifically the heart muscle. The race is on to develop commercialized Spike protein tests and possibly monoclonal antibodies against the vaccine-induced Spike that could neutralize it and prevent more heart damage. It is ironic that our government quickly pulled monoclonal antibodies off the market for anticipated lack of efficacy with new strains and now these products could be useful against the legacy Spike protein produced by the ill-conceived COVID-19 vaccines. Clearly more research is needed. This “positive” paper on the pathophysiology of COVID-19 vaccine induced myocarditis should spur more research on thousands of young persons now suffering with heart damage from the vaccine debacle.

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™

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