The Guilty Pleasure of Twitter Terminations

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There is no English equivalent for Schadenfreude. It means to take guilty pleasure in the suffering of others when it is well deserved. We all know what that is like. We feel like it but don’t indulge it because we are not mean people. We are nice people. And yet, there are times when you just have to realize it: we are experiencing schadenfreude.

The occasion this time: Elon Musk seems poised to close the deal with Twitter. It gets better. Word on the street is that he will fire 75 percent of the staff. That 5,625 people who had the time of their lives for 30 months, languishing in their PJs, staying stoned, and censoring anyone who contradicts their pathetic undergrad woke educations, are soon to be out on their ears does provide some solace.

May all these 5,625 people who work at Twitter get a good send-off with a cake, a song, and a solid two weeks of severance. See? We are not mean. After all, most of them were misled. They came to believe that their job was to obey Fauci, the World Economic Forum, and the CDC rather than their customers and stockholders.

As a result, they were handsomely rewarded for violating our constitutional rights by cooperating with government to crush the First Amendment. They deplatformed doctors, scientists, and regular people who didn’t appreciate being locked down and forced to get the jab.

So sure, we take a slight bit of pleasure in seeing their careers go down in flames. It’s hard to know what they will do next. Would you hire someone with work experience that includes Twitter: 2018–2022? And before that only a degree in communications from Smith College? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Hey, Dunkin’ Donuts is hiring. Of course, then they would have to learn how to do things like make food and pour coffee instead of having it just handed to them as they flash their bulging credit card balances that come at our expense.

By Jeffrey A. Tucker

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