The happy life of my Biden-loving neighbor

Keep to that side, the Blue/Liberal/Democrat side of America, and you can move around unharmed and speak your mind freely. Op-ed.

Jack Engelhard
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Our neighbor planted a Biden sign on his front lawn. I guess we won’t be talking politics.

Certainly, it skips the part where, in a friendly, off-hand way, I’ll be asking him who he’s voting for in a few days.

Not that it’s any of my business, except that a while ago such a topic was simply a chat, a difference of opinion and people stayed friends.

There was no need to call the NYPD to break up a fight.

Nor will I bring up the miracle of energy independence, since Trump. Or that we’ve been in no new wars, since Trump. Or that peace is breaking out in the Middle East, thanks to Trump.

I don’t know how he feels about Israel, but for the sake of harmony between neighbors, it’s best, I think, never to find out, though worth a guess…keeping in mind that sign out front.

He’s a good guy. Good enough to exchange remarks about sports and the weather…keeping it neighborly.

Good policy. You never want to know too much about your neighbors. But that sign tells so much.

It says that his world is comfortable. His life is safe. If the mobs come, they will pass over his house. Wife and kids sweetly tucked in.

He can sleep soundly.

That Biden sign is not an affront. Not at all. It is a seal of protection.

Not so with a Trump sign, which is asking for trouble. So he is sending the right message. He is a good soldier for the Left, which owns the culture we all live in.

Keep to that side, the Blue/Liberal/Democrat side of America, and you can move around unharmed and speak your mind freely.

No worries for him about being blocked on Twitter and banned on Facebook. His message is their message. His language is their language.

Carefree, he can drive his car emblazoned with Biden decals. No harm. No risk. No danger. He will not be surrounded by rioting Trump supporters thumping the windows, howling obscenities, and threatening to drag him out of the car for a bloody beat-down, along with his terrified wife and kids. Trump supporters don’t do this.

Biden supporters do it all the time. Never my neighbor. He would simply call them peaceful protesters.

That Biden sign on his lawn tells you that he NEVER watches Fox News…that he knows nothing about the alleged Hunter/Joe payola racket that was busted by the New York Post.

Whatever they tell him from NBC-TV, or ABC-TV, or CBS-TV, is good enough for him. He trusts their particular view of the nation and the world…and emphatically of President Trump.

He reads The New York Times, and believes wholeheartedly whatever CNN has to say, and if they do mention the Biden payola scandal, they call it Russian trickery.

The Russians did it.

My neighbor would agree. It is always the Russians…the approved lingo for nearly all occasions when Democrats are caught red-handed.

He knows nothing about me and my works. But we do cheer and bemoan the same football team. “Tough loss,” we agree.

That is how we keep it neighborly.

By Jack Engelhard

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