The Mad Mad World of Wokeism

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The Mad Mad World of Wokeism

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  • Jack Posobiec sounds off bigly: School textbooks are lying about President Trump – see here.
  • Here is a breakdown further what is in textbooks – see here
  • California judge rules church must pay 1.2 Million dollars of Covid fines – see here.
  • Political speech is now illegal – DOJ arrests black socialists – see here.
  • Chicago wilding teens: Today’s Must Watch: Everyone Knows Why This Happens – Our Nation Has Become A Green Room Full Of Cowards- see here.
  • Lia Thomas, Trans swimmer on title IX – see here.
  • Megan Kelly, “Find your voices, ladies” – see here.
  • Project Veritas Releases ‘Disturbing’ Undercover Footage From Gender Clinics Offering Advice For Children – as young as 10 getting tx.- see here.
  • Pediatric 2018 peered study on Social contagion causing a spike in youths identifying as transgender – see here.
  • Two “Trans” teens recount their gruesome, bloody top surgeries in horrifying detail – see here.
  • Look at the video of marbles Antiffa placed on stairs into a screening of Matt Walsh’s “What is a Woman?” See here.
  • Transgender radical call to arms – see here.

By Bekah Lyons

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