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BRACKETTVILLE, Texas—Kinney County, Texas, Deputy Danny Molinar stopped a vehicle containing three illegal aliens on July 24. The U.S. citizen driver and his vehicle were based out of Dallas. He was charged with smuggling and released—the local jail is full.

The three illegal aliens, all from Mexico, were turned over to Border Patrol.

Four days later, Molinar stopped a vehicle based out of Austin. In it, he found the same three illegal aliens, wearing exactly the same clothing. Another U.S. driver was released pending charges. His arrest warrant, along with around 126 others, will sit on the sheriff’s desk until space opens up in his 14-bed jail.

One of the illegal immigrants being smuggled told Molinar that she was going to keep trying “until she got through.” Once again, she was handed over to Border Patrol.

With limited to zero consequences, illegal aliens have no reason to give up and go home—they know they’ll get through eventually.

Most law enforcement officers in the region have similar stories.

Officials in Kinney County have long given up on federal help, and, while the state is providing some assistance, they’re finding it difficult to access and have started looking elsewhere to solve their border security issues.

“I think we’re on our own here,” Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe said.

The county is considering hiring private security contractors, who have worked in Iraq and Afghanistan, to address the thousands of illegal aliens on the ranchlands.

Coe has started charging illegal aliens with trespassing, evading on foot, and child endangerment. He’s also ready to personally drop illegal immigrants off halfway along the international bridge in Del Rio if he finds out they’re not being deported.

After hearing how overwhelmed Coe’s stable of six full-time deputies are, Galveston Sheriff Henry Trochesset is sending at least four deputies on Aug. 18 to bolster the team. Galveston Constable Jimmy Fullen hit the ground on Aug. 16 in Kinney County.

By Charlotte Cuthbertson

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