The original Constitution is a pocketbook. The current one is an encyclopedia.

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Most people don’t know this, but our country has for years lived under two different Constitutions. It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it’s true.

The Constitution-as-written is the small document penned by our Founders. It gives the federal government a set of narrow powers and leaves all other powers up to the states and the people. Reading that document, it’s hard to understand how today’s Congress, White House, and Supreme Court control everything from education to energy to business.

There’s a reason. Over the last 100 years, the Supreme Court has “reinterpreted” the Constitution to give the federal government near-unlimited power. These “reinterpretations” are effectively constitutional amendments, and each amendment has added to the growing list of things Congress can control.

Today, as Mark Meckler explains in the video above, the Constitution we live under is an encyclopedia of ways the federal government can dictate our decisions and control our lives.

Mark is testifying before a Wisconsin State Senate committee in support of the Convention of States Resolution. 

Our Resolution would allow for an Article V Convention of States to propose constitutional amendments that turn back the clock on judicial activism. These amendments would force Congress to follow the Constitution-as-written, not the Constitution-as-interpreted. They would get the feds out of education, healthcare, and the environment, and they would put the people and the states back in control. 

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