The Outrageous Response to ‘It’s Okay to Be White’ Poll

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The people who are the easiest to propagandize are the ones who believe they’re incapable of being manipulated. Their hubris allows them to overlook signs of deception and their unwillingness to be skeptical of what tickles their confirmation bias ultimately becomes their downfall.

The anti-critical race theory movement push during 2021 recognized that there were problems within public schools as they were pushing racially negative rhetoric directed at white people and the perpetuation of victim narratives directed at minorities. But they weren’t prepared for the psychological creation of actual racial resentment due to sustained racial attacks.

The goal of critical race theory is to make all Americans constantly racially aware and to view the world through a racial lens. From the leftist perspective, all decisions should have racial identity taken into consideration so “positive discrimination” can be adequately applied. But to achieve this, they need non-believers to become racially radicalized as well.

The mistake that people make is they believe that in order to become racially aware, you have to willfully accept neo-Marxist concepts, but you can make people more racially aware by making them the target as well, creating a new victim class.

This tactic creates exactly the outcome they want: It makes some white people see being white as increasingly more important than before because they’re now under attack. If they can notice being white more often, they have no choice but to notice everyone else’s race as well.

The more they can trick you into proudly proclaiming your white identity, the easier it is to make you the scapegoat for more leftist indoctrination.

In the attempt to fight indoctrination, some who are part of the anti-woke movement have radicalized themselves and become targets the leftists can use to galvanize others to fight against.

One of the reasons why the woke’s narratives didn’t always land was because the prevalence of actual racist events was few and far between. But the long-game strategy was always to manufacture enemies by relentlessly attacking a specific demographic and inevitably causing an overreaction filled with racial resentment.

By Adam B. Coleman

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