The People’s Convoy Continues

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The People’s Convoy Continues on the DC Beltway

The People’s Convoy made its third lap around the D.C. Beltway today, and Sen. Ron Johnson and possibly other senators will meet with the truckers later. Michael Yon and Anne Vandersteel report live from the convoy.

People’s Convoy Reachers Maryland; What Next?

The People’s Convoy has raised people’s consciousness about the level of discontent in the country about the tyrannical aspects of U.S. government. Ben Bergquam is talking to truckers about what they want now, and in Part 2, John Spiropoulos says it’s about “God, Country and Freedom.” Some of the truckers are planning to drive to the Capitol, but it’s not known if that will be allowed.

Part 1: Ben Bergquam with the People’s Convoy in Maryland

Part 2: The People’s Convoy Heading Towards the DC Beltway?

The People’s Convoy Is About Protecting Our Constitutional Rights

Claire Dooley of the Children’s Health Defense explains to MSNBC what the People’s Convoy is all about. The far-left news channel is smearing the truckers as bing inspired by Q-Anon conspiracy theories, but Dooley who has been riding with the convoy for two weeks says she’s never once heard Q-Anon mentioned. “It’s about maintaining our constitutional rights.”

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