The Politically Incorrect Guide To Climate Change

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change
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The Politically Incorrect Guide To Climate Change

The Politically Incorrect Guide To Climate Change is written by Marc Morano of Climate Depot and is part of the books in the The Politically Incorrect Guide® series that are available from Regnery Publishing.

Don’t worry about “climate change,” says Marc Morano—there is no significant manmade global warming.

Are you kidding me? We all know that the icecaps are melting, the oceans are about to flood our cities, and more and more superstorms are happening. And the experts are certain that mankind’s use of fossil fuels is causing it all. We have all the facts; right?

The truth is that there is a debate about climate change but it has been very one-sided. With the U.S. government, all the scientific organizations, Al Gore, the Science Guy, Hollywood, the Democratic Party, and the United Nations all behind the bad news that our use of fossil fuels is destroying the climate of Earth, anyone on the other side of the debate finds themselves behind the eight ball. Peeking out from behind the eight ball is Marc Morano. In this great book he begins his comprehensive review of the debate about global warming by chatting about the history of climate scares in centuries past—and goes on to decisively debunk the current climate scare. By the time he’s done, you will realize you’ve been hoaxed. Climate change has become a scam.

As the founder of the Weather Channel and a six-decade veteran TV news weatherman, I know a great deal about this topic. We meteorologists are well aware of how limited our ability is to predict the weather. Our predictions become dramatically less reliable as they extend out into the future. When we try to predict just a few weeks into the future our predictions become increasingly inaccurate. Yet the “climate change” establishment that now dominates the UN bureaucracy and our own government science establishment claim that they can predict the temperature of the Earth decades into the future. Their global warming scare is not driven by science; it is now being driven by politics.

So today anybody who defies the prevailing “climate change” scare puts his career and his reputation into extreme danger. That is where we find Marc. He is living life behind the eight ball. He has been there for decades. But whatever you may hear from his enemies in the climate change establishment, he is no crazy denier or shill for Big Oil. The explanation is simple. He is so certain of his data that he is quite comfy there behind the eight ball. When you really study the issue, you realize that Marc Morano is absolutely right. And it turns out he is not alone there behind the eight ball. He has developed relationships with hundreds of brilliant scientists and other experts who are willing to testify, along with Marc, that in fact there is no significant man-made global warming.

This book is exactly what parents need to counter the indoctrination our children are now being subjected to. Starting at a very young age and continuing through their teenage years, American school children are being constantly bombarded with climate change propaganda. This is science gone bad. It has become political. And climate science has been hijacked by the extreme fringe of the environmental movement. The truth is that while climate is naturally changing—as it always has—no crisis is occurring and there is no reason to fear any in the future. This book uses over twelve hundred footnotes to bolster its compelling, scientific, and logical demonstration that Al Gore and the United Nations are dead wrong on climate fears. And maybe even more important, this book uses the climate change establishment’s own words to refute their silly claims.

Read this book and Marc will become your hero. Give it to your friends to read. Maybe in the end there will be enough of us who no longer believe the climate change hoax that he and those of us who know he is right can get out from behind the eight ball and enjoy life. Read on, my friend, read on.

“The climate scare ends with this book.”  —SEAN HANNITY 

“This book arms every citizen with a comprehensive dossier on just how science, economics, and politics have been distorted and corrupted in the name of saving the planet.” MARK LEVIN

Marc Morano’s book cites many scientific studies that indicate:

  • Historical records of global warming show that temperature increases begin hundreds of years before carbon dioxide (CO2) levels follow. Plants and animals flourished in past ages when CO2 levels were more than twice as high as now.
  • At least 90% of greenhouse gas warming is due to water vapor and clouds; thus, CO2 level deserves less concern.
  • Hurricanes, floods, droughts, and tornadoes have been less frequent during years after 1988 than before 1988, when atmospheric CO2 was 15% lower.
  • Since computer models failed to predict the slowdown in rate of global warming between 1998 and 2013, they cannot reliably forecast climate changes decades in the future.
  • EPA’s Clean Power Plan would not significantly reduce global CO2 emissions. In 2025, total annual CO2 emissions by USA would be offset by three weeks of CO2 emissions by China.
  • UN’s 2015 Paris Climate Agreement would reduce global temperature about one degree Centigrade by 2100 AD, but would cost many trillions of dollars, would subjugate economic independence of participating nations, and would require global wealth redistribution.
  • Eliminating use of fossil fuels for electricity generation would deny developing countries the opportunity to electrify and improve living conditions. In sub-Saharan Africa, gas-fired power projects would supply electricity for three times as many people as renewable energy projects would supply for the same cost.
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