The Precinct Patriot Project

The Precinct Patriot Project
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Do YOU want to make California CONSERVATIVE again? Become a Patriot Precinct Leader!

The Precinct Patriot Project is made up of grassroots and like-minded Republican elected officials who are working together to rescue California. As dedicated, no nonsense, Trump patriots and conservatives, we recognize street rallies are NOT enough. Volunteer activation is needed to change our state, precinct by precinct. We must strengthen the common sense, conservative presence in our neighborhoods and communities.

California Conservative Patriots are motivated and more determined than ever to make our state and country stronger by

  • Developing our conservative neighborhood Strongholds through active involvement
  • Supporting the America First movement of President Trump
  • Electing Conservative, Trump endorsed candidates who represent our values
  • Fixing the voter and election process to ensure fair, transparent elections
  • Reaching out to Conservatives in our neighborhoods
  • Educating our neighborhood Conservative so they can become Informed Voters
  • Bridging the disconnect existing between the Grassroot Patriots and the CA Republican Party

With President Trump’s leadership, we can create a unified Republican Party a reality. The Patriot Precinct Project has big plans to Fix it Together with your help!


NOW is the perfect time for Patriots to get active to save our country and our state. With some time and effort, block by block, WE can do it. We want to spread the word and bring you on Board ASAP!


  • Develop your neighborhood/precinct into a strong conservative Stronghold
  • Get to know, engage, and activate your Conservative Republican neighbors
  • Stop the communist legislation and policies coming from Sacramento and from your local leaders that impacts you and your family
  • Support the America First agenda of our true Republican Leader, PRESIDENT TRUMP

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