The Truth About What Happened in DC. I know because I was there!

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The Truth About What Happened in DC. I know because I was there!

What you are seeing on the media are lies. They are trying to make this all about President Trump and the millions of people who love freedom and simply want honest elections we can have confidence in. I am here in DC. I was at all these events. So let me share the truth and facts and just maybe Facebook will let you see it.

MONDAY JANUARY 4TH I arrived in DC on Monday, January 4th. Our Moms for America team arrived throughout the day. The city looked like a ghetto with businesses boarded up and many marked “temporarily closed.” We were told Restaurants would be completely closed so we ordered food from a local grocery store and had it delivered to our hotel. The mayor of DC did everything she could to make our stay in the district uncomfortable but we did the best we could to prepare to enter a city with very limited food water and bathrooms. When we went to bed Monday night we still hadn’t received our permit from Park Police to hold our event the next day.

TUESDAY JANUARY 5TH At 8am, after many prayers, we received our permit and were able to set up for our Moms for America Save the Republic Rally at the Capitol. The rally was 1 to 3pm with mostly moms speaking, including 2 moms from Congress. Mike Lindell also spoke. It was an Amazing and inspiring event. After our Rally we walked to Freedom Plaza where I spoke about the power of moms uniting to protect our vote and secure the Republic.

When we returned to our hotel that night I had several requests from reporters wanting to interview me about our rally and Congresswoman Mary Miller’s comments. In her speech Congresswoman Miller said “Hitler was right about one thing, he said he who owns the youth owns the future” she then said that is why we need to teach our children the difference between good and evil so they will recognize and differentiate the evil from the good. The media went on a frenzied attack against the Congresswoman stating she should apologize because she said Hitler was right. We released a statement saying the media should apologize to her for their irresponsible reporting and ignorance.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 6TH We woke up bright and early to join with all those who traveled from every state in the US to come to DC to support the president and call for congress, courts and state legislatures to investigate the legitimacy of this election and not certify the electors until the truth is revealed. Our MOMS Team sat six rows from the president and heard him speak. There were hundreds of thousands there, from the stage at the ellipse far past the Washington Monument and filling streets on both sides. Neither the president nor anyone else incited violence on that stage. The president simply systematically laid out the case for the fraud and corruption the media are completely ignoring, consistently claiming there is no evidence of voter fraud when there are mountains of it. I have been to several Trump rallies the past 2 years. Those who attend are peaceful, God-fearing, law-abiding people. The rallies are full of energy and hope. People wait in line for hours to attend and leave happy and excited. Wednesday was no different. The president finished speaking around 1PM and we all started walking to the Capitol where a Stop the Steal rally was planned–a rally that never happened.

FACT 1 We had been warned when preparing for the December rally by Capitol Police and our security team that ANTIFA and BLM were communicating through their networks–via email and social media–that they were going to dress like Trump supporters, infiltrate our events and cause trouble. The optics of a black mother and her three children being attacked by a white woman wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt didn’t bode well. So they came up with a more devious plan to cause chaos.

FACT 2 Trump supporters don’t break windows and attack police. That is what ANIFA and BLM mobs do.

FACT 3 By the time most of the crowd arrived at the Capitol the bike fences had already been turned over and/or moved aside in a few sections so the people just walked through because it was open. They didn’t “storm the Capitol” they mostly just walked up the stairs and sat on the steps or stood on the porches. Most of the people at the Capitol were just praying, talking and singing God Bless America and the National Anthem. We had no idea what was going on inside the Capitol. There was a whole platform of media outside the Capitol looking bored because nothing was happening but people sitting, standing, talking singing and praying. That was when I did my first livestream on our Moms for America page. When I finished the livestream I had several texts from my husband asking if I was safe. I called him and asked why he kept asking that. He told me the Capitol had been breeched. I told him it was just people sitting on the steps and porches. He then informed me there were people inside the Capitol and that was the first I knew anything about it. It was obvious looking around the people outside the Capitol, they didn’t know either. My daughter pulled up news feed on her phone to find out what was going on. She said, “Mom, a woman has been shot, we need to go.” I looked around the Capitol as a chorus of the National Anthem rang out from the Capitol steps coupled with the mothers praying on the wall behind me. Tears filled my eyes as we left the Capitol wondering where we go from here and if truth will ever win. That was when I did my second livestream on our Moms for America page.

FACT 4 2020 was a year long powder keg just waiting for a spark. January 6th was that spark. We didn’t “lay siege” to the Capitol but a lot of Trump supporters followed once the walls were down. There is no doubt in my mind ANTIFA was there. I saw very suspicious individuals in the crowd. Were there some folks that acted unruly, yes. And while I do not condone the actions, I certainly understand the frustration behind them.

FACT 5 The media is lying and this being sensationalized in excess. There was a 30 minute disturbance by a few radicals in amongst thousands of people who were just peaceably assembling. Former VP Joe Biden introduced the “under siege” phrase that became the standard talking point for media. The same media that repeated Joe Biden’s “peaceful protestors” claim as ANTIFA and BLM burned cities and attacked citizens as justifiable acts.

FACT 6 The media is claiming the Capitol has never been under “siege” like this before. Really??? What about 2018 when a massive mob of feminists laid siege to the Hart Senate Office building screaming and chanting because they didn’t want Judge Kavanagh on the Supreme Court. The media heralded it a great day when they stormed the Supreme Court building, pulling down the barricades and flooding the steps. The media followed like lap dogs as feminists and ANTIFA gangs road up and down elevators and combing halls stalking and accosting Republican Senators. But “siege” and “storm” weren’t the words media used. They heralded the chaos as peaceful protests and a triumph for women’s rights.

FACT 7 The majority of the people at the Capitol were there peacefully assembled. I saw a row of older gentleman standing below the steps of the capitol to protect the police officers above the steps – it was moving.

Whether it was rogue ANTIFA or rogue Trumpers, the people who made their way into the capital and sat in the senate chairs were no patriots! Still, those who entered, while they shouldn’t have done so, didn’t deface property or tear down statues. They didn’t loot, burn or steal anything.

FINAL THOUGHTS Everyone is frustrated, disheartened and some even despairing that the elections are being stolen from them but no one is rioting or looting or burning the Capitol. They just wanted to put Congress on notice. They just wanted to be heard. They just want the truth.

What you see on the news is over exaggerated. We were with the crowd that walked to the Capitol- It was a picture of America! All colors, ages, united in one human race, carrying flags, singing, showing their love for America, kindnesses and respect for each other. We have to know by now that the media spins things according to their narrative.

For those of us who were there – I think we’d dispute what we’re seeing in the news and how it is being portrayed right now. ANTIFA knows exactly what they are doing and the media is going right along with them. Did we rally think it would be pretty, or easy, when the constitution was hanging by a thread?

Why am I here? Because freedom is worth fighting for. When my children and grandchildren ask me where I was when the Constitution hung in the balance and the Republic was on the verge of collapse I will say I was there, on the frontlines, fighting to my last breath to save it! I am so grateful to those that are willing to stand up and speak out and fight to save this republic!

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