The Twitter Files: Move Over, Jayson Blair – Twitter Files Expose Next Great Media Fraud

The Twitter Files: Part 15

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The Twitter Files: Part 15 expose a media fraud involving Hamilton 68, a digital “dashboard” that claimed to track Russian influence on Twitter but was found to be inaccurate and biased by Twitter executives. Hamilton 68 was headed by former FBI official Clint Watts and funded by a neoliberal think tank, the Alliance for Securing Democracy. News outlets for years cited Hamilton 68 when claiming Russian bots were “amplifying” various social media causes. Still, Twitter executives found that the accounts on the dashboard were mostly real, mostly American accounts, and not evidence of a “massive influence operation” by Russia. Twitter executives recognized that these false claims about Russian influence posed a major ethical problem but were hesitant to publicly confront the politically connected Alliance for Securing Democracy. As a result, “legitimate people” were falsely labeled as Russian agents without evidence or recourse.

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