These Universities Are The Best for Medical Freedom

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States in the U.S. vary on vaccine laws and exemptions. Many states have the same requirements and exemptions for vaccinations for universities as they do for schools K-12, and some states apply different rules. I wrote an article about vaccine exemption laws by state here.

Currently many universities have implemented covid vaccination rules that contradict the states vaccine exemption laws since the covid vaccine is not subject to most state laws. Vaccines on the vaccine schedule are subject to the states official exemptions. As of 2022, these four universities listed below are some of the universities that allow philosophical exemptions for all vaccines, including the covid vaccine, or the university has no vaccine requirements. Philosophical vaccine exemptions allow individuals to opt-out of vaccinations based on a personal, ethical or philosophical objection.

1. University of Oregon

This University Situated in Eugene is one of oldest universities on the west coast. Oregon allows vaccine exemptions for medical, religious, philosophical and other reasons for vaccinations. The University of Oregon uses the same exemptions for the covid vaccination for students. 

Federal laws along with Oregon laws for some workers (etc. healthcare workers, federal employees)  for workers in healthcare and for certain employees at the University of Oregon for the covid vaccine are currently being treated differently than for regular students, where the rules are much more simple. 

It is also important to know that many of these covid vaccine rules and restrictions in general are not permanent, while vaccine exemptions that are codified into law are more consistent. 

2. University of Denver

Situated in Colorado, this university allows exemptions to the covid vaccine for medical, religious, and philosophical reasons. Colorado allows these exemptions for other required vaccines.

3.  Northwest University (Oregon)

This christian university near Salem has no covid vaccine requirements for students.

4.   Univerisity of Texas (Austin)

This university does not list the covid vaccine as required. Medical and reasons of conscience (religious, philosophical) vaccine exemptions are available for all other required vaccines. 

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