They can feed us fake news about Trump but not about Pelosi!

Contact Your Elected Officials

Our fake Nancy Pelosi drinking video was removed from The Thinking Conservative Youtube channel and we have been blocked from uploading videos to our channel for a week, however they can still show fake news videos about Trump. We responded to YouTube’s action and you can read that response below Nancy’s fake video. We had to keep the response to 800 words. Please read our response and help this article go viral so people will watch the John Stossel video. This will educate people about how Trump is often maligned falsely by the media. People need to question the media and rethink their opinion on Trump. We have had enough with the media’s hypocrisy!!!

Fake TicTok Video of Nancy Pelosi

You never know what you’ll find on TikTok. We were sent this faked video of Nancy Pelosi drinking. After what they’ve done to Donald Trump, we thought we’d give them a taste of their own medicine.

This video is fake but so are much of what they post about Donald Trump!!!

Our Response to Youtube’s Actions

Nancy Pelosi is drinking in this video and it says in the description that the video is faked!!! You allow videos accusing Donald Trump of making fun of people with disabilities and other things that are not true. Are you going to take all those videos off Youtube as well. Please watch John Stossel’s video on YouTube which proves this, and act accordingly.

If you are going to remove our video today, please remove all of these false or faked videos today.

Trump moking reporter with a disability

Trump staking Hillary Clinton on stage

Please remove Saturday Night Live’s Channel. I might think their videos are real.

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