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Non-profit Think Together is one of California’s largest and leading providers of academically-focused extended learning time programs (early literacy, afterschool, summer learning, small group tutoring/SES, academic enrichment, etc). Currently Think Together serves over 150,000 students at more than 400 locations across California.

Who Is Think Together

In 1994, a group of mothers decided they’d had enough. Gangs and drugs in the Shalimar neighborhood of Costa Mesa had created an unsafe environment for their kids. So, they reached out for help. 

Community leaders came together to open the doors of Shalimar Learning Center, a safe space for the neighborhood kids to come after school and get help with homework.

Over 100 kids showed up on the first day!

What began as a single neighborhood center has grown into programs in over 400 California schools – from San Diego to San Francisco – serving over 150,000 students. Founded in 1997, Think Together partners with schools to change the odds for kids. Think Together delivers nationally-recognized expanded learning programs and school improvement, offered through affiliate partner Orenda Education. 

We want a community where all kids get a great education that prepares them for college and career. 

What Does Think Together Do

Over 20 years, Think Together has built a roadmap to support student success. Curriculum and activities are aligned with what students are learning during the academic school day. Each program is designed using data-driven solutions to help kids reach proficiency and achievement levels necessary to progress through school and prepare for college and career.

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