Those Angry Democrats

Declaration of Independence
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Our country is facing sadness, sickness and family loss borne out of the Covid crisis. But our challenges are also filled with optimism and confidence as we look toward the future. Today, America is as great as any country could aspire to be. Our flag should be flying at its highest height. No doubt, half of America would agree.

However, it is becoming painfully clear that many democrats do not agree with American exceptionalism; a land of freedom and opportunity we have defended with fervent and precious treasure. The Declaration of Independence guarantees we can spread our wings pursuing the pursuit of happiness. Here in America, unlike less fortunate countries, there are no checkpoints. No personnel with high-powered weapons stopping your vehicle in its tracks before allowing you to press on. For that matter, you can move your family to whatever state and community you wish without government approval. How many houses you own or cars you drive is strictly your business. Our freedom is almost boundless, making us the envy of the world. In the United States, all you need is the determination to pursue those dreams. In contrast to other countries, we have access to higher qualities and quantities of almost every need. If not affordable, there are many avenues of assistance because we are compassionate people. Yes, we have our problems and some seem insurmountable, but compared to the rest of the world, we are nearly Utopian.

So why are democrats so angry and want to tear down America: the greatest social and political experiment of mankind. This past week, the democrat’s most powerful leader, Nancy Pelosi, flipped her bird to millions of our fellow citizens suffering from economic and health care challenges resulting from the novel Covid-19 virus. As this is written, she is obstructing a potential agreement with the Trump Administration on a second and badly needed stimulus package. This past week, her anger at Trump and contemptible disdain for the Republicans led to her loss of temperament when CNN’s Wolf Blitzer merely asked why she won’t compromise on a bill so desperately needed and widely supported. Pelosi’s eyes bugged out of her head as she charged Blitzer as a shill for the Republican Party. Judging CNN’s long-time news content and known political persuasions by its hosts, what charge could be further from reality? Isn’t it obvious democrats have no interest in the betterment of their own constituents nor the country; a nation that has given them so much?

This is what is so frustrating about the angry democrats. Exactly what do they want for America? Their party promotes victimization with policies directly responsible for increased poverty, leftist teachings from tenured academics, defunding national defense, a threat to instill a deliriously insane $92 trillion dollar “new green deal” and of course, an increase in taxation which adversely affect everyone. If Biden/Harris win, we know small business will be re-regulated to a devastating fault with egregious labor and anti-commerce laws leading to the deterioration of American economic power. How do we know these draconian measures will be pursued? Because Biden/Harris and the angry democrats loudly and repeatedly promise them.

As long observed, Democrats also strangely schmooze and get along well with dictators and haters of America. It is becoming abundantly clear that Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, allegedly pocketed millions of dollars from the Chinese Communists and Ukrainian oligarchs. If this is not a national security issue, what is?

President Trump has expended Herculean efforts undoing the damage Obama inflicted upon our country ranging from race relations, overt government regulations, economic stagnation to a weakened national defense. Unlike Obama who plans to spend the closing days of the campaign stumping for Biden and their failed ideology, Trump and his Administration ignited an economic boon, a historical drop in the unemployment rate particularly among minorities fueled by a business-friendly environment and foreign affairs policies that kept our adversaries in check and even created Middle-East peace agreements between long-time foes.

If Trump is reelected and as Covid19 winds down, we will again see magnificent and record-breaking productivity return. Our nation will be winning again and perhaps the democrats will become less angry as their lives improve along with the rest of ours. Now all we have to do is vote.

Biden Doesn't Have Americans Best Interest At Heart