Thousands of Parisians Flee New COVID Lockdowns

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On the eve of the most important election in U.S. history, Joe Biden is campaigning on your fear of COVID, arguing that Donald Trump risked our lives by botching the response to the pandemic.

Well, Europe has been under harsh lockdowns and mandatory mask mandates for months. The French have not been allowed to travel more than a certain distance from their homes. They have mask mandates even outside, with heavy fines for failure to comply.

And now it is starting all over again.

Over the past few days, hundreds of thousands of French have been fleeing Paris ahead of harsh new government lockdown orders.

So, if “following the science” works so well, why is Europe going back into lockdown? Is this Trump’s fault, too? What was he supposed to do that Europe didn’t do?

Michael Matt reviews what Donald Trump actually did to help save American lives, beat back the virus and reopen the economy, back when 65 percent of Americans actually approved of Trump’s Covid response.

So what happened? Why are millions of Americans blaming Trump for not locking us down like they did in Europe, when the European lockdowns don’t seem to be working too well?

Do you seriously believe Joe Biden would do a better job at pandemic management? Or are you just drinking the CNN Kool-aid?

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