Tina Peters Talks Proof of Voting Machine Irregularities

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Update: Tina Peters Releases Newest Election Report

Read all three election reports at bottom of post.

Tina Peters: Logs Erased and Votes Manipulated in Mesa County, CO

Update: Tina Peters: It Can’t Get Any Worse

Host Steve Bannon talks to Tina Peters, the clerk and recorder of Mesa County, Colorado, the day after she got out of jail on $500,000 cash bail for the trumped-up charges against her for doing her job. Peters blew the whistle on fraud in the 2020 election and became the No. 1 target of the Democrat secretary of state and attorney general in Colorado. Now Peters is running for secretary of state herself to restore law and order and fair elections in the state.

Tina Peters is the elected Clerk and Recorder in Mesa County, Colorado. She is the whistleblower who exposed the fraud in voting machines used in the 2020 presidential election in Colorado, and the power of the ruling oligarchs was brought to bear on her. Now she talks about a new report that showed how voting machines were illegally connected to the Internet, as well as other irregularities. She is currently running for Colorado Secretary of State.

Tina Peters For Colorado Secretary of State

Election Report #1 with Forensic Examination and Analysis (PDF)


Election Forensic Report #2 Forensic Examination and Analysis PDF on EMS Server Images (PDF)


Election Forensic Report #3 Election Database and Data Process Analysis (PDF)


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