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Douglas Macgregor: Ukrainian BLOODBATH Is Going To Happen Soon, Americans Need To Understand This…

Col Douglas Macgregor: Americans need to understand that they’re watching a couple of things happen. The first is a massive wealth transfer. It’s not necessarily going to Ukraine. Some of that money will end up in Ukraine. At this point we’re already paying for the army, for the bureaucracy, for the state, but that’s actually minor in terms of expense. The largest portion of the money just goes to DOD to replace equipment that is being sent and then subsequently moves to the defense Industries who profit enormously. The donors who keep the politicians in office are then rewarded because of their Investments with the defense Industries, and they then take some of that money and recycle it back into the politicians on the hill as an expression of gratitude, thank you for transferring all this wealth to us, here is your cut. So that’s why you had so many Republicans desert, go ahead and support the left, because they’re really part of the uniparty. They’re all enriching themselves. So that’s the first piece of theater.

The second piece of theater, which Americans don’t really understand either, is it the Ukrainian Army in the Donbas and Eastern Ukraine is on the verge of collapse. They’ve taken hundreds of thousands of casualties, their way north of 100,000 dead, closing in on 150,000 died. The 93rd Ukrainian Army Brigade was just withdrawn from Bakhmut, which is being turned into a Ukrainian bloodbath by the Russians, and they left after suffering 70% casualties. For them that means out of 4000 men only 2,800 were left behind. In other words 70% were left behind. They pulled out with about twelve hundred men. That’s a catastrophe. That’s what’s really happening, and when the Russians finally launched their offensive, Americans going to watch this entire house of cards collapsed. And then the real question is, will someone stand up and finally put an end to this utterly false narrative, which has enriched lots of people here, but hasn’t done much good for the United States as you point out.

And, how about we point this out. Has it done any good for the Ukrainian people, the innocent people caught in the middle? No, that’s what they keep trying to pull at our heart strings so you can open up our purse strings is “help the people”. Hey, I’m all for helping innocent people. How about the innocent American people who are getting screwed right now on how many different things I listed, but you’re not helping them by dragging this war out for another year, because we’re almost at a year now where nothing happened. And by the way, Colonel, you just threw out numbers and battles I’ve never heard or seen anywhere in mainstream.

No, good news is the only thing that is reported and it’s supposedly Ukrainian good news.

Patrick Lancaster: Right.

Col Douglas Macgregor: In reality we haven’t had much good news from Ukraine for a long time. This whole thing is going to come to a halt, there’s no question about it. The question is will anybody notice, because other than you and a few other people, the mainstream media really doesn’t cover this.

Patrick Lancaster: No.

And they could simply change the subject. Something else President Biden said at the end. He said, not only will we support Ukraine as long as it takes, he said, we will support Ukraine as long as it’s there.

Patrick Lancaster: I heard that.

Col Douglas Macgregor: That was his last comment.

Patrick Lancaster: What do you make of that?

Col Douglas Macgregor: Ukraine is not going to last. Ukraine is not going to be there much longer the way things are headed, that’s the sad truth.

Patrick Lancaster: Wow.

Col Douglas Macgregor: And we don’t want to rescue them. See, this is the problem. The real danger is, once it becomes clear the whole fraud is collapsing. They’ll be voice is in Washington saying, well let’s send our troops with the Poles. the poles can provide what we need in addition to the troops we don’t have. We can bring in Romanians and we can somehow another recover from this disaster. No, we can’t. We’re not prepared to fight a war in that region against Russia. Russia is prepared to fight a war, however, against us. You don’t go into an area when you’re not prepared. Ee don’t have the ammunition. We don’t have the replacements. We don’t have the equipment. This is not the time or the place to do that. So, the right thing to do is the thing that we have refused to do and that is to urge Zelensky, and frankly since we control the purse strings, simply tell him to stop and negotiate.

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