Today’s Must Watch: MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace Takes A Hike – Spoiler – Still a Bubblehead ” Brainiac”

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Kevin Nealon of SNL fame does a YouTube Series where he and famous people share conversation while taking a hike. As an aside, his show is quite entertaining and deep at times. For some of his best episodes check out Donny Osmond’s hike for an example. Clearly the guests run the gambit, but generally are progressive liberals.

However this week he posted up a guest that was odd, to say the least. It was MSBC host of Deadline: White House Nicole Wallace. I thought gee maybe I would get a glimpse of her other side so to speak – alas no. She comes across as daft, an elitist in a bubble as she does on her show. She even admits to obtaining most of her knowledge by reading Twitter online! Kevin ends his segment claiming he got a chance to hike with a “Brainiac.” Apologies need to now go out to all true Brainiacs. She did not disappoint, she is as vapid of a creature on the air as off.

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