Today’s Must Watch: The Alphabet Community’s Special Protected Class Indoctrination Is Worse Than You Know

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America no longer has a public education system. America has Marxist indoctrination centers. The “teacher” in this video is complicit in grooming her students. The school board, principals, assistant principals, coaches, and all teachers who facilitate this indoctrination are guilty as charged.

Consider while you watch this teacher virtue signaling and practically hyperventilating with excitement she cannot contain herself – the following reality:

There is no such week of celebration for the US Constitution, Our Founders, or Founding Documents.

No school classroom doors are decorated like this:

There is no such fanfare for our brave men and women who served in wars including WWII, that liberated the concentration camp victims of the Nazis.

There is no week where the focus is on Civics, the function of government, and productive citizenry.

There is no week honoring each state’s flag and reviewing the history connected to the particular flag.

The United States Flag is not revered and prominently displayed in classrooms.

No pins that say God Bless America, that is a given.

I cannot even – a teacher with the power to fail students is taking “donations” from student under her control on school grounds. She should be fired for that alone.

The faster parents come to grips with the reality that this is widespread and by design to achieve a specific outcome, the better a resistance can achieve stopping the advance on our innocent children.

By Bekah Lyons

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