Today’s Must Watch: Video Salute: A Soldiers Night Before Christmas

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This time of year is always hard for those who suffer from anxiety and depressive mood disorders. Please keep our Veterans in your prayers and thoughts, especially at Christmastime.

This time of the year and all year long – go out of your way to connect with vets and show them your respect, admiration, and appreciation.

Our Veterans are especially vulnerable but remember tis the season for all who have lost loved ones to feel sorrow and pain. And any who are already struggling with addiction and mental illness only find the holidays as intensifying those battles.

Pay attention to what is not said or said with intent. Note when someone chooses to isolate from holiday festivities. And if you feel in your gut a concern – speak it and act. Never hush that voice stirring alarm in you. Offer your presence and support and share the links below.

The Veterans Crisis Line

For Non – Veterans

Merry Christmas and God Bless

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