Trevor Loudon: America’s ‘Unfolding Socialist Revolution’ & Connections to China’s Communist Party

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America is in the midst of an “unfolding socialist revolution,” argues anti-communist activist, researcher, and filmmaker Trevor Loudon. And a number of the individuals and groups involved in this effort have connections to the Chinese Communist Party.

Anti-communist activist, researcher, and filmmaker Trevor Loudon told American Thought Leaders in an interview that aired on Nov. 29 that he believes the broader context for the contested presidential election is an “unfolding socialist revolution” in America, and at stake is whether it succeeds or is successfully resisted.

“This election, the outcome of it, will decide whether that revolution is successful or whether it is beaten back,” Loudon said.

He said the massive rioting that unfolded over the summer following the police-custody death of George Floyd is part of a coordinated effort by communist groups to win the election for Democrat Joe Biden and “destroy” President Donald Trump, who he said has been tough on China and its communist leadership.

Loudon singled out the Black Lives Matter movement, which he called a “Marxist operation with deep connections to the Communist Party of China.”

“Most Americans see this as some social justice cause, but it’s had a major impact on America,” he said. “And I believe it was timed to have a major impact on the elections.”

He pointed to actions on Trump’s part to counter the plans of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), including backing an anti-communist candidate in Taiwan’s presidential election and standing with anti-CCP protests in Hong Kong.

“Would you really want Trump to succeed in this election?” he said, referring to China’s communist leaders. “Or would you use your assets in the United States to try and tip the scales in favor of a much more friendly candidate like Joe Biden?”

Besides Black Lives Matter, Loudon singled out a number of other communist-aligned groups in the United States, including the Communist Party USA and the Chinese Progressive Association in San Francisco, saying, “right under our noses, Chinese-affiliated voter registration organizations are helping to flip American elections.”

Loudon described various targeted efforts on the part of such groups to flip conservative strongholds like Arizona, Georgia, and Florida.


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